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Important Message

As announced in one of my most recent posts, I have made the decision to step back from being “just another voice echoing out within the fields of crickets” (ie social media).
It is my desire to truly connect with you, but it doesn’t feel as though spaces in which we are meeting are really conducive to it.
That’s why, in the days to come, I’m pulling back from most social media platforms. I may post from time to time as I’m inspired, but the majority of my focus and energy will go to my newsletter and the Mental Mystic community on Patreon.
If you would like to join me in one or both of those places, I would welcome your company.
Whether this is the end of the road for our shared journey, or we will journey on together from here, may you be well, my dear friend!

I wish nothing but the best and ample amounts of joy and happiness for you today and in the future.



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