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Hello, again, dear friend. I bet you were beginning to wonder whether something happened to me or not. After all, I was getting pretty prolific in my posts there for a while, then nothing the past week.

The past 7 days have been pretty busy around here. Not least of all is the fact that the kids are now out of school for the summer, and given that this is the first summer in our new beach-town home, LB and I are planning to enjoy it.

We’ve already made a trip to the waterpark we have season passes to, which Dh and I gifted our family with this past holiday season. And let me tell you, it took a lot out of me! Sun, heat, water fun, and stairs… Wow!

It was a wonderful time, though!

And, then, this weekend past, I participated in a 3-day seminar, which was… Well, very intense to say the least.

Not just because it was 3 days filled 12 hours of classes… (Though I must admit, I’m still pretty stiff from so much sitting.) But it was pretty intense on an internal level too. So many revelations on such a deeply spiritual level! I’m still processing all of it.

See, I attended the 3-day seminar that often accompanies an activation to Dao.

I – as they say – “obtained” Dao.

What does that mean? Well, I have pledged to cultivate Dao (live from my conscience/True Self) in my own life, share it with others and help support my local temple.

What does that look like? Well, that’s what I’m still processing and will continue to do so until my “last breath”. That’s part of the “cultivation” process. Always learning, but at least I have a better idea of where to focus now. Because I must admit that I was pretty much all over the place previously in my attempt to find my way. lol

But, when I logged in here this morning, I did come across something this morning from Celia Hales at Miracles Each Day that just further reinforced the messages that I received this past weekend.

We Can’t Return Home Without Everybody


That’s my “mission”, my Purpose. That’s why I’m here and not still in the spiritual realm. It’s one of those “little” realizations I mentioned having. 🙂

To assist those that have an “affinity” with me to experience Heaven while here on Earth, but to make their way home (and not get “lost” along the way) when they shed their earthly body.

Want to know what I find really ironic?

Prior to this past weekend, I’d been led to begin implementing things that will assist me in doing just that.

Wild, huh? lol

So… what do we have coming up?

I believe I mentioned it in my last post but will say that – in the not so distant future – I will begin co-hosting Messenger Mondays with the wonderfully bright and beautiful Astra from the Shamanic Empowerment School (among so many equally wonderful spaces).

Messenger Mondays will be an opportunity for all messengers of spiritual and personal truths to link-up, connect and share one another’s work. A time for more “gentle visibility“.

In addition to this, beginning on the 20th of June, I will begin conducting a mid-week gathering, which I have described as a weekly “shot of light” for lightworkers.

Let’s face it… Our personal mission – whatever form it may take – which brings more light, love and hope to a troubled world that can seem so full of darkness at times… It’s not easy! And at times? We can seemingly get mired in it ourselves.

So, that’s why I was inspired to speak with one of my mentors, Maya Ohm, the Mahatma of Unified Trinity Church, to see if I would be able to be of service to my Family of Light by facilitating a weekly mid-week online gathering.

If you resonate with the idea of joining us for this gathering, you are more than welcome to do so. If, however, you suddenly felt resistance when I mentioned Unified Trinity Church, please do not allow that to put you off.

know there are many of us who recoil at the very mention of “church”. Sort of a feeling of “been there, done that, not doing that again”. I get it. I really, really do.

There are also those who fear becoming part of a “cult”. lol I get that too.

I assure you that UTC is a wonderful group of folks who only have the best interest of the planet and all sentient beings in mind and heart. We will never pressure you and welcome you to visit our website to learn more about US (United Soul).

So, that is “all” (lol) that is going on with me and why I have been rather quiet and removed from here and social media this past week. I do hope this finds you and yours well, and I promise I will be around more in the days to come.

May you walk in love and light until then.