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Trail Magic. This is a term that I heard mentioned not too long ago. See, Dh is beginning preparations to hike the Appalachian Trail. It’s a dream he first had when he was a teenager. As part of his preparations, he’s researching all that he can so he has a better idea of all the ins and outs associated with the hike. This includes watching many videos on YouTube, some of which I’ve watched with him.

It was during one of these viewing sessions that I first heard the term “Trail Magic”. Me being me, my ears immediately perked up at the mention. I’m familiar with “green magic”, but “trail magic” was not something that I’d heard about previously. “What is this new form of magic of which you speak?”

I did not want to interrupt Dh’s viewing pleasure, so I did not ask at the time. But, it was a topic that I broached as we sat out enjoying our back patio time one evening recently.

Apparently, there are those who wait at trail heads along the trek to shower “unexpected kindnesses” on hikers (food, drinks, other provisions, or a lift to shower or lodging facilities, etc). That, as I understand it, is “Trail Magic”.

Trail Magic In a Greater Journey

This morning as I sat writing in my journal, though, the term popped up from nowhere into my consciousness. It was then that a similar, but different definition of Trail Magic occurred to me.

Each of us is on a journey. We each trek a trail that leads from our birth to our death. There are twists and turns, changes in direction and the faces of those with whom we journey, as well as what we perceive is the reason for our journey. But, in many ways, we are all treading the same trail.

As we do so, each of us experiences this Trail Magic which shows up in our journey as unexpected kindnesses or blessings. Sometimes, this is viewed as synchronicities, gifts, or even visitations by kindred beings – corporeal or spirit based. Whatever form it takes, it is ALL quite “magical”.

The Magic of Life

This idea really is in perfect alignment with what I’ve believed for many years. That life itself is filled to the brim with magic. In fact, by its very nature, life is magic.

It’s a belief, a Knowing we come into life with, but one which is very, VERY easy to forget as time goes on. As we experience more and more challenges along the trail, life begins to tarnish, losing its sparkly finish.

What if, instead of focusing so completely on the “man behind the curtain”, we focused more on the magic itself?

It is said that what we put our attention on grows. In other words, we experience more of it.

In a post on mindbodygreen, Jillian Lavender shares this story to illustrate this notion:

Imagine a gardener who is standing, looking at all the plants that are before her. In her hand is a hose with the water running. She turns to one side and begins bemoaning all the weeds – “Oh no! Where have these weeds come from? Look how fast they are growing! They are beginning to overtake the flowers!” As she stands there, the hose is flowing everywhere she looks. She is watering the weeds, and so, not surprisingly, they begin to grow and take over the garden.

~Jillian Lavender, What You Put Your Attention on Grows, mindbodygreen

With that being said, if we notice the Trail Magic and give it our attention and gratitude, we will experience more of it.

Explaining the Magic Negates It

These days, the things which our ancestors labeled as “magic” can now be explained away by science. This, I believe steals away the awe and wonder of the miraculous.

Should science be discounted?

No, but when life and all the miracles that are given to us to experience becomes explainable and, therefore, “common place”. What is the point in living?

It’s like going to Disneyland or Disney World and being so focused on the mechanics of the experience that one forgets to enjoy the experience for what it is.


Not to mention, you steal the joy and magic held within the experience from the child(ren) that you take with you. Whether that is your physical, corporeal children or your own Inner Child.

I recall one of my dear friends and mentors mentioning to me a time when she’d been sitting with a friend of her own, watching a beautiful sunset. She mentioned how beautiful and seemingly magical it was, to which this person pointed out that it was nothing more than an effect of the pollution in the air.

Now, granted, that may be the case, but to one seeking to live a magical life, this equates to “looking a gift horse in the mouth”. Even a rainy day brings with it opportunities for rainbows.

Let the Child Lead the Way

To those who have become so focused on the “man behind the curtain” that they have forgotten what magic and/or miracles look like (I truly hope that doesn’t describe you), I have this to say…

Rediscover the magic. Let go of your need to explain, to rationalize everything. Allow your Inner Child to lead the way more. Allow yourself to feel small and to experience awe, again.

Life, in and of itself, is a miracle. Just because we as a people are able to explain many of the mechanics behind it does not make it any less so.

Allow yourself to experience the miracle. Then, feel the gratitude for every moment. That is when we experience the magic and miracles more.

Join Me at the Trail Head

The Trail Magic that I experience – the beauty, synchronicities, and unexpected blessings – in my own life is always greatly appreciated. It’s as if Spirit/Source/the Universe/God is winking at me, and it always makes me smile.

And when I do give attention to these instances, I have noticed that they’ve increased in number over time.

Now, I’ve attempted sharing these

I’ve attempted this a number of times before, but am inspired – more than ever – to make this series a reality.

Come join me for The Trail Diaries

Join Dawna on the Trail as she continues her own Journey from “Point A” to “Point B” (Birth to Death). As part of her sharings, she’ll tell the tales – either via written word, images, or videos – of the “Trail Magic” she experiences along the way.

The category is pretty bare at the moment, I know, but this is a very new project, but I will post an update soon. I promise!

Hope to see you there!

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