On The Pause this week, I had the pleasure to chat with a woman with whom I’ve been acquainted for a handful of years now and have admired for just as long. And as I stated at the beginning of the show, it caused me to be a little tongue-tied.

Sandhan has fascinated me ever since I discovered her as a co-hostess on the Expanding Time podcast. Not long after, I connected with her on Facebook and have continued to be inspired by her ever since.

Most recently, though, my “fascination meter” was increased when I discovered that she is a disciple of Osho. She was even among those who worked in his household when he yet lived.

It was then that I knew I definitely had to reach out to her in the hope that she would have a chat with me for the podcast!

When she agreed… I was immediately thrilled, excited, and more than a bit nervous.

In the days leading up to our chat, I did a bit of research. See… I knew of Osho, but the knowledge that I did have was really quite lacking.

Want to know one thing that I found really fascinating from the reading I did? Osho had a fleet of Rolls Royces. Not just one Rolls Royce, but apparently he had ninty-six of them!

Why did I find that so fascinating?

Well, as spiritual seekers, we are traditionally taught not to “seek riches, but wisdom” and “money is the root of all evil.” Yet, here was a highly-revered spiritual teacher, who did not hold to this premise. He did not seek to live an austere life.

And this is something that Sandhan and I discussed during our conversation.

What, as I understood it, Osho taught was that it was alright to enjoy the comforts that life has to offer as long as we are not attached to them.

This is good to know and gives me hope for my own money mindset.

There are many of us who are spiritual seekers, who seem almost afraid to be successful; to ask for an equal exchange of energy for our services in the form of money. So much so that we energetically repel it, whether we are aware we’re doing so or not.

And as Sandhan pointed out… We have the opportunity to do more good for others when we have money.

I hope you’ll enjoy this offering as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Until next time, dear friend, may abundance be showered upon you and yours.

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