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In this year of Expansion, July (already) is a majorly expansive month for me.

For starters… last weekend I joined with a group of folks online to embark on a 28-Day journey through the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. In essence, I’m learning (better) how to feel gratitude for life itself.

Now, prior to this I was familiar with The Secret. Though, I must admit that I never actually read the book.

Did you know that it’s #3 in a series of books that includes The Secret, The Power, The Magic, and The Hero.) I hadn’t had a clue until recently. I just may have to read the others once I’m done this with this month.

Admittedly, I only watched the movie. (I’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure and convenience.) Really, that was enough for me to get the idea. But, The Magic

Practicing Gratitude

I believed myself to be a grateful person. It was a lesson that one of my more recent mentors, Rev Diannia Baty, drummed into my (sometimes) thick head. Expressing gratitude for what we have attracts into our lives more things for which to be grateful. It’s a lesson that I thought I got. And, to a degree, I did because things have improved since the time I worked with her.

As I’ve been reading The Magic, though, I’ve realized how – like so many others – I do still take for granted.

This book immediately grabbed me from the Introduction: Do You Believe In Magic?

If you’ve been following along with me, you’ll know that I believe that magic is all around us. It’s just difficult sometimes to remember that when you’re mired in the muck and grim of life. So, my heart sang when I read these words:

I am here to tell you that the magic you once believed in is true, and it’s the disillusioned adult perspective of life that is false. The magic of life is real – and it’s as real as you are. In fact, life can be far more wondrous than you ever thought it was as a child, and more breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and exciting than anything you’ve seen before. When you know what to do to bring forth the magic, you will live the life of your dreams. Then, you will wonder how you ever could have given up in believing in the magic of life!

Yes! That was akin to telling my Inner Child, “yes, Donita! There is a Santa Claus.”

You want to know what’s really funny? When I look back at that moment, when I read those words and fully believed in the possibility… Well, the Universe/Spirit/God/Source/etc began to show me that it is, indeed, possible.

A Diligent Student

Our group started our 28-Day journey last Sunday (local time). Since then, I’ve been faithfully doing my reading and daily practices, and I’ve already noticed a shift in myself and my perceptions.

The other day, I looked at bits of clutter that lay around my house. Some from myself, some from Dh and LB. At first, I found I was rather frustrated, but then I remembered gratitude and what davidji calls “Evidence of Presence”. (It’s another book I’m reading this month with our Expansion Book Club on Facebook, Sacred Powers: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation.)

Evidence of Presence

Essentially, what “Evidence of Presence” boils down to is the idea that the things that sometimes irk us (ie clutter) is evidence of the presence of our loved ones in our lives. Yes, it’s sometimes inconvenient or frustrating, but they’re things that we might miss if that person was no longer present in our lives.

A good example of this is my son, BB. He’ll be 26 this year. So, he’s been out of the house for a number of years. When he was little, I would get frustrated either 1) picking up after him or 2) chasing after him to pick up after himself.

The past few years, we haven’t had a lot of time to spend together, and until last month, he was in an entirely different state from me. BUT, we spent the 4th of July together, and he did set off some fireworks that night.

Yesterday, Dh and I went to sit out on the back patio and as I looked around, I saw bits left over from the bottle rockets BB had set off the other night. As I picked them up, I smiled and told Dh, “here I am, picking up BB’s toys again”.

did feel gratitude in that moment because it was evidence of BB’s presence in my life again. He’d been there. I’d been able to spend time with him, and for that I was immensely grateful.

Proof Positive

Sonia Choquette has said when we are willing to play with the Universe, it will play with us. When we’re willing to see the “man behind the curtain”, to see the Universe working for us and be grateful for the “things” it gives us, It will gift us with even more.

I’ve known this on an intellectual level for some time now, but I’m really beginning to see it.

Just this week:

  • I’ve been presented with a wonderful opportunity
  • Given “a sign”, a confirmation from Spirit that is, indeed, what it is
  • A message that magic does exist and that I AM a creator

There are some that may say, “oh! Those are just coincidences.” Over the years, though, I’ve come to believe that there is no such thing as “coincidence”. What we may think as such are really messages and gifts from Spirit, and when we can recognize that… That is when the real magic begins.

BUT, first… we must learn to feel gratitude for the gifts that we’ve been given prior. Even those things that are difficult to feel gratitude for. Because those really are our greatest teachers staring us right in the face.

Until next time, dear friend, may you feel gratitude for all the “man behind the curtain” has blessed you with.


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