Attitude of Gratitude: It Works Magic!

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At the beginning of this month, I mentioned that I was working through the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne with one of the groups I belong to. It took us 28 days, and in that time, I learned so many ways to nurture an attitude of gratitude. And I can tell you from experience that it really does create magic in one’s life!

What Are Your Dreams?

Before we even got into the meat of the text, we were asked to sit down and get clear with what it is we really wanted to manifest in our life. The author even gave us areas that we could focus on.

  • Health & Body
  • Career & Work
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Personal Desires
  • Material Things

This really was good for me because not too long ago I realized – at some point – I pretty much stopped dreaming. Instead, pretty much taking whatever life handed me.

Don’t get me wrong. My life has been and is good, but at some point I reached a point where I was tired of being disappointed. The things I attempted to consciously manifest just hadn’t materialized, so I figured… “What’s the point!?” And with that… I was done!

This year has been my year of “expansion”. As a result, I’ve allowed myself to start dreaming again. The challenge I faced, though, was the fact that I was completely out of touch with what I desired to manifest. By the time we got started with The Magic, though, I was a little more practiced and got as clear about my desires as possible.

My Dream Car

One of the things that I wrote about was my “dream car”.

Now, I wasn’t specific about the make and model. At this point in time, I’m good with it being sound mechanically and good on gas mileage. (I told you I was out of practice!) BUT, I have always liked little cars, and I did desire a sunroof. In addition, while I do love manual transmissions, I knew given the traffic we have around here, it’s not really practical.

Fast forward…

At the beginning of this month, I wasn’t even in the market for a new vehicle. Not even a “new-to-me” vehicle. As the month progressed, though, situations occurred which would be improved were our family to have another vehicle. Even at that point, my dream car was not on the radar.

The Communal Brain

It wasn’t until I came home one day after playing with the idea of having a new, little car. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my husband had been pondering on the same idea. He’d even found a small car he thought would be perfect for me! It even had a sunroof! As per usual, my husband had inadvertently been rooting around in my head.

The only problem we ran into was that someone else had already put it on hold, and shortly thereafter, it completely disappeared from the website.

It was gone! It must not have been my dream car after all.

So, I began looking at others that were still available. Eventually, I found one that was perfect for me! It had a sunroof, was a light, neutral color that is a bonus here in the south, AND it had half the miles of the other one.

BINGO! I’d found my dream car! Before I knew it, we were having it transferred to our local car lot.

Attitude of Gratitude

All month long, I’d been nurturing an attitude of gratitude. I was getting pretty good at it. Not only that, but I was beginning to develop a faith in the Universe that I’d not had for a very long time. One that had become strong enough that, even after 4 days of waiting for the car to arrive, I was still calm, cool and collected.

It was a fact that surprised my husband. 30 years ago, I would have likely drove him insane with my impatience.

But, I knew it would be there, and it would be mine. There would be a “magnificent outcome” to our car buying experience. I knew it because I kept reinforcing that with the Universe.

And when the day finally came when it had arrived and was time to actually purchase it… It truly was a magnificent experience.

Never in my life have I had a more enjoyable experience buying a car. Most everything went perfectly and according to plan. The hiccup came while dealing with the insurance company, but even then… I was calm, cool, and collected, which, again, surprised my husband and the salesman that helped us in buying the car.

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Gratitude Creates Magic

That was the BIGGEST thing that occurred for me this month, but it is not the only instance in my life where gratitude created magic in my life. There have been SO MANY, but I don’t want to come off as though I’m bragging or – heaven forbid – bore you.

If you haven’t read and worked through The Magic yourself, I highly suggest you run out and get a copy as soon as you possibly can! I highly recommend it!

What’s the worst that could happen? You could begin to create the life of your dreams? Would that really be such a travesty?

Until next time, dear friend, may you have much to nurture an attitude of gratitude in your own life!

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