The Law of Attraction is a “simple” process. What we focus our attention or energy on, we attract more of.

The challenge many of us face is that we’ve been taught that it is “more noble” to live an austere or “simple” life. Desiring “more” is “selfish”, “shallow” or somehow negative.

So, if we do desire “more” than what life has handed us, our preconceived notions or limiting beliefs will hold us back. Whether we are aware of them or not.

It is my belief that part of our reason for being here is to experience all manner of situations. Why would God/Spirit/the Universe place each of here with a cornucopia of things and situations to experience, only to say “this is not for you”?

We are creator beings. Just as an orange cannot come from an apple tree, we cannot come from Divinity without being Divine ourselves.

We create our experiences through our thoughts and where we place our energy/focus.

Quotes that Reinforce the LoA

Mark Twain said, “if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you always got.” If that is the case, then we must learn to think differently in order to have better than what we currently have. We must turn around those preconceived notions of what is and is not possible for us and in general and dismantle the thoughts that are limiting our potential. Then, by doing so, we can focus our energy on the things we truly desire to see in our life.

Coming across the quote from Oscar Wilde this morning in my planner, I immediately liked it. I believe it paves the way to attract to my life more of what I, or any individual who energetically reinforces it, the best. May have to print it out and hang it up in a places I’ll see it often.

Until next time, dear friend, may you attract nothing but the best of everything into your life.

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