Have you ever wondered what the key is to unlocking your dreams? How you get them to “click” so they’ll manifest for you?

For starters, what is your dream? That one thing in this whole entire world that you’d like to see manifest in your life? Have you ever really stopped to think about it beyond, “it would be nice if…”?

Or you might find yourself at a point like I was…

It was a handful of years ago. I’d had dreams prior to that, and some manifested. Not all, but enough for me to believe the whole “visualize and it will manifest” thing. The biggest challenge I faced, though, was the fact the end result wasn’t as enchanting as I had imagined.

At that point, I figured it was “a little too late” to realize that and ended up feeling stuck in my creation. So, I accepted it and moved on, but the end result was… I stopped dreaming. Just taking whatever came my way, whatever the Universe seemed to believe I was worthy to receive. I thought I was being “zen”.

Self Worth

What it really boiled down to was… I only got what I felt I was worth or what I was willing to allow myself to receive.

The truth is Divine Source will give us whatever we desire, but if we do not feel as though we are worthy to receive it, it will never manifest. No matter how much we desire it.

It finally took some stray thoughts of “it might be nice, if…” for Spirit to toss something amazing into my lap.

All I had to do was open the door again, and It was right on top of it.


Dh and I had relocated our family to Missouri after he retired from the military. We thought we were done making long distance moves after that. Several years in, though, we began talking about relocating to the Carolinas “in a few years”. Even then, it was not a sure thing, at that time. We would have to save to up the money to even make it possible, and at the time, we didn’t have a lot in the way of “spare cash”.

Long story short… (I mentioned the move a bit in earlier posts.) When we entertained the idea, the Universe moved Heaven and Earth for us. Four months after that initial discussion, we were living in South Carolina.


How’s that for “ask and you shall receive”???

Dreaming, Again

Even coming out of that landslide victory for my co-creation team with the Universe, it has taken some time for me to begin dreaming full-time again. But, I am happy to say that – though I tried to close the door again – it has remained open. Even if it’s not standing wide open.

I am in the process, though, and as I look to the future, I know my dreams are out there, fully manifested. I can feel it. They’re just waiting for me to find my way to them, beckoning me forward.

How will I get there?

Well, like the situation with our relocation… It’s not my job to answer that question.

The Universe keeps putting the right people, the right tools, and the right information in my path. It’s my job to recognize that and make full use of those gifts. Because they are gifts!

Your Turn

So, I ask you, again. What is your dream? That BIG, sometimes scary dream that you keep hidden away in the depths of your mind and heart. Maybe it’s one that you haven’t admitted to anyone, possibly not even yourself.

What is it?

My suggestion is to open that door. Air out the space in which its been living, and admit to Source, if no one else, “it might be nice if [insert your dream here]…” Absolute miracles can happen with the smallest step in the right direction.

And I will leave it here for now. Next time, we’ll discuss how we can open that door a little further. While we aren’t responsible for the ‘how’, we’re completely responsible for our mindset. Sometimes getting completely clear with the ‘what’ and ‘why’ is all that’s necessary to get the entire Universe to move in your favor. In my experience, that’s when the hows start dropping into your lap.

Until next time, dear friend, be well!

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