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Often we face obstacles when we set out to achieve goals. Goals, which will carry us forward to having the life we always dreamed possible.

One obstacle that I’ve pondered on more lately is the “set point”.

I first heard this term in conjunction with our financial outlook, but given recent experiences in my own life, I’ve begun to consider it more closely where the other areas that comprise our life are concerned.

I did a bit of research this morning, so I could more coherently express my own thoughts and came across the “energetic set point”. It perfectly describes what I theorized myself.

What Is an Energetic Set Point?

The author of the Open to Prosperity and Abundance website explains it as a “comfort zone”. With regard to our individual financial set point, the author goes on to say:

It’s the amount of money you feel most comfortable earning and having. And you won’t be able to shift instantly from having that amount of money to suddenly having HUGE amounts of money. The reason is not because of outer limitations, but INNER limitations.

Open to Prosperity and Abundance

The same case is true regarding the other areas of our life, though.

We all have a point in every area of our life where we feel comfortable. When we start to step out of that comfort zone things will often occur, which initially prevent us from going forward.

My Story

I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom since 2001.

My husband, who had returned to Active Duty in the Army a couple of years prior, was being deployed for the first time to Bosnia. The idea made me more than just a bit nervous.

We had two small children at the time, and I didn’t know how they were going to react to his being away for such a long time. After all, it hadn’t been too long prior that he attended Basic and AIT, which resulted in a ten month separation.

As fate or luck (however you look at it) would have it, the Army decided not to renew the contract with the company I worked for as an Administrative Assistant. As a result, I was laid off.

It ended up being a fortuitous occurrence for our family.

I was able to be a consistent presence in the lives of our kids every time my husband left for training missions or deployments.

Fast Forward Fifteen Years

My husband retired in 2013 after a full career in the military. Our two older kids were teens, and our youngest daughter, who came along after the second deployment was school-aged. That meant, it was time for me to go back to work.

The biggest obstacle I ran into, though, was the fact I had been out of the workforce for FIFTEEN years! Not to mention, we had moved to a small town where there wasn’t a great deal of work to be had.

I made my first real attempt to start an online business of my own, beyond Scentsy and Avon. But, much like those attempts… It bombed.

As enthusiastic as I was in my genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others, I just couldn’t seem to get the sort of traction necessary.

In the end and given financial considerations, I ended up going back into retail.

It ate away at my soul. At least, that’s what it felt like by the time I was able to leave.

Fast Forward Another 5 Years

I’ve started another business.

Everything I encountered has told me “now’s the time”. Synchronicity has been strong in the process. I’ve connected with the “right” people, gaining the “right” skills, and ideas are steadily flowing.

Outside situations seem to be forming which strongly mimic those 5 years ago.


In other words, I believe I just may have hit my “energetic set-point”.

When I look at it in that manner, I do see where I have made it further this time than last. (Yay, me!) But, I’ve still run into a similar wall.


The last time this occurred, I looked at myself as a “failure”. The obstacles I faced were a “sign” that I wasn’t meant to do what I was trying to do.

This time?

It’s a whole other ball game!

Yes, it is my plan to take the same steps as I did last time. Only, I will not return to retail.

This time, situations are forming that will allow me to return to an office setting. (Prospects are more plentiful where we’re living now.) This will allow me to provide myself and my family with the security net we need at this time, as well as extra income to grow my business in the manner I desire. While at the same time, still have the energetic stamina necessary to grow it.

Last time, I allowed everything I had built prior to returning to retail to die a fiery death. I felt like such a failure. I felt as though I didn’t deserve more than I had at that time.

This time, I know I will overcome the obstacles placed before me.


For one simple reason… I now know the nature of obstacles.

The Nature of Obstacles

Obstacles are not here to make our lives miserable. The Universe/God/ddess/Spirit ALWAYS wants the best for us.

We live in a benevolent Universe, and when we are able to look at the experiences we face, it can give us a whole other perspective.

What I used to view as “obstacles”, I now see as opportunities for growth.

They are opportunities to:

  • learn different skills
  • take different directions (ie go around, over or through it)
  • stretch our “set points”

As a result of seeing it in this new light, I don’t feel as defeated as I did the last time.

I will admit I do feel a bit of anxiety, but even that, I’ve been consciously turning into excitement. Because… think of ALL the possibilities open to me!!! I can do anything I desire, and I don’t have to do anything I don’t. It’s ALL up to me!

And with Spirit by my side, lending guidance and assistance, I know it will lead me to 1) achieving my goals and 2) manifesting my dreams into reality!

What do you think about the notion of the “energetic set-points”? I would love you to share your own perspectives in the comments below!

Until next time, my dear friend, may you be well!

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