Some days life can feel like a never-ending cycle of suck, can’t it? It’s almost as if going to bed at night becomes a coping mechanism. “Maybe if I can go to sleep, I can get my mind to shut down, to stop thinking.”

Some days, that just doesn’t seem to be enough, though, does it? Maybe the mind just won’t stop and give us that much needed respite because it’s far too busy trying to lead us out of the “cycle of suck”.

Thinking Our Way Out

The truth is, trying to think our way out of the cycle is like giving an inmate in a psych ward the keys to the crazy train.

I know! I’ve been there.

We believe we can think our way out of our predicament. In the end, though, it becomes more like a runaway train that’s jumped the tracks, causing destruction and mayhem in our life.

What Can We Do?

When our life has gotten away from us and we’re no longer able to see a way out, what can we do?

I know it sounds counter-intuitive and has been “done to death”, but…

Stop and consciously breathe.

By doing so, we’re able to disengage our mind. We take the keys from it and get it to cease causing further destruction.


I can already hear the groans now. “I hate writing.” I know. I have heard it before. BUT if you knew that it could somehow help your current situation, wouldn’t you do it?

Journaling has been a wonderful and helpful tool for me over the years.

What Do I Write?

You can utilize journaling prompts, if it helps, but in the end, you want to write absolutely everything and anything that comes to mind.


Write it.

Do you feel as though you’re screaming inside?

Write the words ALL IN CAPS and with LOTS of exclamation marks!!!! Take it from the voice of experience, it just. doesn’t. matter. No one is going to see it anyway.

Tell your Inner Critic to “shut the hell up”, if you have to. But DON’T allow your mind back into the driver’s seat. It is, after all, what got you here in the first place, isn’t it?

Pour everything – every bit of poison, acid, and bile – onto the page.


Because, if you do, it means that it’s no longer lodged inside of you, eating away at your insides.

The point here is to get ALL the negative emotion/energy OUTSIDE of yourself, where it can no longer do damage.

What Now?

So, you’ve done that. Now, what do you do with it?

Well, here are a few options:

  • Leave it. Close the book, walk away from the paper and take a nice, cleansing shower. Imagine the water is bright, white light cascading over you, and as it goes down the drain, it takes with it every bit of residual negative energy.
  • Take the pages you just wrote on and burn them. If they’re in a book, rip them out, but burn them. Allow the fire to transmute (meaning ‘change’) it into something more positive. Then refer to the previous suggestion.
  • If you’re creative, apply a few layers of white gesso or paint to the pages. Cover up the words, then create a beautiful work of art on top of them.

Whatever you choose to do, the goal here is to clear and transmute the energy, which can and will benefit you more in the end.

Did you try any of these techniques? I would love it if you’d share your experience in the comments below!

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