This morning I did a personal reading for myself as I do most mornings. As I went along, though, it was made clear to me that the final reading was not for me. Rather, it was was for you.

When I do a reading, I draw 9 cards. All of which form a diamond shape. Each triplicity forms its own message of sorts. That’s why the photos shown below are broken into 3 cards each.

The Cards

The Message(s)

Dragonfly Spirit: Truth transcends illusion

Badger Spirit: Be fearless and bold.

Panther Spirit (R): Reclaim your power.

You’ll notice that Panther is reversed. Some people who do readings don’t read cards in reversed orientation. I do, however, and view them as that energy is currently “blocked” or “hidden” for some reason.

Message: “Dear One, the time is now for you to stop ‘playng small’. It is not the truth of who you ARE. Indeed, it has kept you safe in the past, but it no longer serves you or the Whole. The Collective. It is time for you to rise up and be YourSelf. Your ‘Higher Self’.”


Now, at first, I believed this “triplicity” was meant for me alone. When I sat down to write this post, though, I was “told” that it was meant for you as well.

Wasp Spirit: Sometimes, life stings

Moth Spirit: Surrender now.

White Raven Spirit (R): Trust in the magic.

Message: “The magic IS the remedy for the pain of life. Surrender to it. The time is now. Spirit is here. Spirit seeks to reduce the pain you inflict upon yourself and one another. Many seek to dull the pain with all manner of things – drugs, alcohol, food, television, etc – the only way to truly accomplish this feat is to go within.

“Indeed, facing one’s self can be more painful at the beginning, but healing IS possible. And it can be as easy as letting go and choosing again. Choose the better feeling, the better thought.

“The magic that exists in life, all around you IS the cure for all that plagues you, individually and as a whole.

“Trust in the magic. Surrender to it now.”

Grasshopper Spirit (R): Take a leap of faith

Chameleon Spirit (R): Act as if

Starfish Spirit (R): Open to infinite possibility

Message: “This is something that can be difficult to do. It does take a leap of faith as humans are brought up not to trust in the unseen or what is called the ‘magic’. In some cases it has been ‘demonized’.

“Act as if it (the magic) is naught more than gifts from a beloved parent. For that is what it is. A beloved parent that only wants what is best for their child, all life and the Universe has to offer.

“Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities that exist.

“All IS yours for the asking.”

So, there you have it! An empowering and supportive message for a time when so many of us tend to feel dis-empowered, as though we are being blown around by the winds of circumstance.

Each of us does have the power within us to shape and mold our reality into that which we most desire. We just have to believe (as if) it is so and start moving in the direction of our highest vision in faith.

Was this message for you? If you were drawn to it, it was!

What did you get from it? How will you proceed from here?

I would love it if you shared your thoughts, perception, and anything you might be taking away from this in the comments below!

And if you would like to have a reading that specifically focuses on you and your unique situation, you can go to the “Work with Dawna” page to purchase and schedule a reading with me. 

Until next time, dear friend, may you always move in the direction of your dreams. 

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