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Hello, dear friend!

I have little doubt that my vacillating is wearing on the nerves. For that, I deeply apologize.

I wish I could say that I KNOW what I’m doing at this point.

The truth of the matter is I really DON’T.

See, I’m in the beginning of personal and professional transition. (I posted about that on the blog yesterday.)

As a result, I’m stepping back from quite a bit, so I can focus on the guidance I’m receiving as well as my process.

Will The Pause return?

I would like to say “most definitely, yes!” But I’m uncertain about that as well.

I imagine it will return in some form in the future because I truly enjoy it.

But I need to gain some clarity of focus before I can say for certain.

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Is This the End of the Road?

Whether this is the end of the road for our shared journey, or we will journey on together from here, may you be well, my dear friend! I wish nothing but the best and ample amounts of joy and happiness for you.

Until we meet again,