For many years now, I’ve been aware of my connection with the angelic realm. As I continue to grow and expand, this is something I’m consciously nurturing as I finally just allow my intuitive gifts to be.

I may have mentioned that my intuition best expresses itself through automatic writing…

What follows are messages I received this morning from Archangel Ariel and Spirits of Nature.

I’m told there will be more messages to come in the future. Particularly from the Spirits.

I leave it to you and your own discernment to determine whether they are “meant for you”. Though, if you are reading this, it is likely they are.

Much Love and Many Blessings to You and Yours,

Archangel Ariel

Beloved ones, I come to speak with you at this time as you stand on the precipice of a new age. It is no coincidence that you speak of 20/20 as “clear vision”. The year 2020 will grant you this gift if it is of your Divine Will.

I come to you at this time as a voice of the natural world. It is not as bleak as many believe it to be. Indeed humanity has had and continues to have a great impact upon the Mother Earth. Some you might define as “bad”, but there is “good” as well.

The Mother Earth and her inhabitants are more resilient than many give credit for. She/They do go through cycles, which has occurred many millenia prior to you. They will continue to do so.

This does not give humanity “license”, of course, to sit idly by, to knowingly continue abusive behaviors, those acts that knowingly cause harm without conscience. But know that all is not as “bad” as some would have you believe.

Step lightly, dear ones. Coexist in peace and harmony with your fellow beings. Not only humanity, but “animal kind” as well as the spirits of nature. You may not see them. There is, after all, only so much that the human brain can comfortably take in. But know they are there, even if you are unable to see them.

They wish to make their presence known at this time. Many of them, it is their desire to come together with those among you who are open to working together in co-creation. The co-creation of “heaven on Earth”.

Spirits of Nature

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters. We come forward at this time with a desire to work in concert with you, humanity.

For long our voice has gone unheard, drown-out by “progress” and the “greed” of many. Greed of money as well as resources.

We ask those among you willing to listen and hear our pleas. You are our brethren, “un-separate” from us, though it may appear otherwise. We are one. When you harm us, you harm yourselves.

It is our desire to exist alongside you in peace and harmony. We wish nothing but joy and prosperity for each among the whole. We love you as we love ourself, but also feel there is a large majority among you who do not return the feeling.

Because we do not have the ability to communicate as you do, this – somehow – makes us “less” to your human mind. Because we do not speak your language or in some cases do not register to your human senses, this makes us “non-existent”, inferior.

We are present. We are aware, conscious. Many of us possess our own language and cry out to you to understand. Yet our cries go unheard. Discounted. We are here to co-exist with you. Not for you.

Though it may be difficult to comprehend from your human perspective, your Heart, your spirit can and will understand if you remain open to the idea. If you allow it.

We are here. We exist in this time and space for a reason. Like you, we have Purpose. We have our own Divine Purpose for being here at this time.

Many of us are here to share our own Divinely Given gifts with you at this time . You were not aware that could be the case, were you?

Indeed, we have our own gifts that we desire to share with you, humanity, at this time.

Many of us, possess the gift of healing. Others of us, possess the gift of Universal knowledge and wisdom. All of us possess our own unique energy which we seek to share with you at this time.

Please know, however, this cannot be done if you demand it of us. We are not here to serve in servitude. Rather we do so to honor the light within you, when you honor the light within each of Us.

It is our divine honor and pleasure to connect with each of you in this way and “look forward” to where this join path will lead.