Monday Message: Who’s In the Universal Kitchen With Dawna?

Nov 25, 2019 | 0 comments

A GOOD Monday morning to you, my dear friend! I do hope that you had a lovely weekend. This week’s message is all about manifesting.

We all have desires that we dream of seeing manifested in our lives.

Some we work really hard to manifest.

We “do all the things right”. Everything that the Internet and published gurus teach us are necessary so that we can “make our dreams come true”. But we still don’t see these things within the reality of our life.

I’m certainly not immune to this cycle, and so was given a message not only for myself, but to share with you as well this morning.

“Manifesting is much like cooking or baking. We give it the time it needs in the ove or on the stove to ‘develop’. As it does so we can ‘detect’ it with our senses. The kitchen feels warm. We can smell its deliciousness long before it’s done. We do not use the time to lament that we don’t have it. We’re too busy taking in the sensory experience, imagining how good it’s going to be when it’s done.

Sure, manifesting is different in that we never know how long our dreams are going to take to manifest, and we cannot always detect them with our senses. BUT when we are in the Universal Kitchen waiting, we are given signs (synchronicities) that we are there, we are in alignment.

And we must be ‘in alignment’ to manifest what we desire. It is our energy IN alignment that ‘powers’ the ‘oven’ that ‘bakes’ our dreams, that manifests them into being.

If we lament that we do not have what we desire, we are essentially shutting off the lights and walking away from the kitchen.

If you’ve done any bit of cooking, you know this is no way to get it doen. Baking something, turning off the oven only to restart it a little while later, repeating the process ad nauseam, does not get the cookies baked.

If they ever do finish baking in this fashion, they’re probably not the best we’ve ever had.

The same can be said for our dreams.

If we want them to manifest as quickly as is Universally possible, we need to be patient. We need to give them the time necessary for all things to align for optimum manifestation. So they can be the very best they possibly can be.

It’s what many call “Divine Timing”.

What do we do during that time, though? How can we facilitate the process?

We “salivate”. We imagine how good it’s going to be when our dreams do manifest. We fully experience the future through our senses, long before it ever occurs.

We appreciate the synchronicities and the little bits of evidence that our dreams are coagulating in the primordial soup of manifestation.

We read.

We enjoy our lives, appreciating ALL the good things we already have.

Everything we might do when we’re waiting for goodness to bake in the oven or cook on the stove.

In essence, we do everything in our power to keep the lights and heat on in the Universal Kitchen, until our dreams are “done” and “popping out of the oven” to greet us.

I do hope you’ve found this helpful in someway, my dear friend. I know I certainly have! And, if you are in the States, and I do not connect with you again before then, may you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday.

Until next time,

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