A Happy Monday Morning to you! It’s time again for a message from the Angels. This time, they speak of the upcoming New Year, 2020, and what many of us may have in store for us.

Once again, I’m using The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor for a focal point.

16 – Caught In the Ruins

There are times, dear ones, when you feel as though you are caught in a life, an existence not of your making. There are times, when you feel as though the life you are living has somehow been forced upon you. You sometimes feel trapped in this life with no way out.

It is our desire that you know this is not the case.

You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for or even know.

It is your beliefs – those thoughts about things in your world – that holds you back, that holds you prisoner.

Though time is not linear – 2020 has the potential to be a time in which these beliefs will come to the surface and beg to be addressed. A light will be shined upon that which can no longer go on.

2020 may be for some of you a challenging year. For others, it will be a breath of fresh air or a ray of sunshine.

IF you are among the first group, it is our desire that you know it is not a “bad” thing. All that is occurring is… the unseen is becoming seen. Meaning that all the detritus that yet exists within will come up, requesting to be addressed – healed, transformed, LOVED.

Humanity sometimes refers to this as one’s “shadow” – all those things that are judged to be “unacceptable” by the masses.

6 – The Divine Physician

Which brings us to the next card… The Divine Physician.

Within each of you is immense power. Power which has been overshadowed by the need to control.

2020 will present all with the opportunity to stand up and claim this power.

Does this energy give “permission” to one to become the controller, rather than the controlled? Indeed, not.  The “power” of which we speak is one that ALL possess, a power in which ALL experience when one is in “alignment” with one’s innate being. LOVE

You ARE love.

What we mean by this is that LOVE vibrates at a frequency that is in alignment with who you innately are – your spirit being, if you will.

When you are vibrating at this frequency… all within that is not in “alignment” can be transformed. IF, of course, that is one’s intent, of one’s Divine Will.

Which brings us back to the potential for healing, transformation in the linear year 2020.

How will this healing of your shadow, of thoughts and beliefs that you desire to release… how can this be achieved?

By shining the light of acceptance, of love upon them.

Does this mean that harshness, hate, anger are allowed to run rampant? Most certainly not. This is not the way to heal. It is not the way of love. HOWEVER the existence of such emotions, such ways of being need to be acknowledged and accepted.

What does this mean?

They need to be felt, perhaps SAFELY expressed. It is our understanding that “beating upon a pillow” in anger is a common way of expressing this emotion in safety. It is only by doing something of the sort that the energy is acknowledged, experienced, and accepted, then released.

There is no “good” or “bad” energy. It is the intent behind the expressions of energy that determine their nature.

The purpose of the human experience is to experience all that it has to offer. As the Divine Beings that you are… it ALL “just is”. There is no judgement. It is the human component that decides what is “right”, “wrong”, “good”, “bad”. (Which reflects back upon the “Caught In the Ruins” card.) It is the judgments of humanity, of individuals that keep you entrapped. Each of you has within you, the key to release yourself from those “ruins”.

3 of Forces – The Bird’s Nest

Nurture your Self, your being, as well as others.

Love. “Feed”, focus and nurture, that which you hold dear. The aspects that you desire to embody, the One you desire to be IN the world. Those things that you desire to see and experience more of.

The butterfly which represents each and every one of you will emerge from the chrysalis that 2020 represents, transformed.

It is my sincere hope that this resonated with you. IF you are among the group of which the Angels spoke, please know this is not a period to fear. There may be challenges, yes, BUT you are never given more than you can handle, and you are NEVER alone.

Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

This is true for ALL of US in this Universe. Help will ALWAYS be given, if we ask for it. HOWEVER, it is not up to us to determine the “how” or what it will look like.

So often we will ask for assistance from the Universe, but when it arrives we say, “not like that” or, in some cases, do not even recognize it.

The sense I get from the upcoming energy of 2020 is that we must be fluid (because “flexible” is too rigid).

In addition, we must be Aware and non-judgmental, not only of others, but of ourselves as well.

There is a possibility that we – ALL of US – will go through some **it.

Acknowledge. Experience. Accept, then release. “That is the way”. (Yes, I “went there” with a reference to The Mandalorian. I’m just FULL of geekiness today!)

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well!

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