Happy Monday morning to you, my friend! It’s time for another Monday Morning Message. This time, the Angels speak of releasing the weight of others’ expectations from our being.

Again, I’m using the Akashic Tarot deck from Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor.

This time, I drew the Queen of Forces, the Akashic Library, and the Queen of Scrolls.


Balance in all things, dear one. So often humankind strives to achieve – this that or the other. You are, as they say, “human beings, not human doings”.

The world in which you live is one of action, of doing. Do not, however, forget to simply “be” from time to time. Take in the world around you. It – in and of itself – is a miracle. There is so much to experience. Love, joy, beauty. These things are what make life truly worth living. Indeed, you “descended” into human form in order to experience it all, but know that it is not necessary to experience it all – the highs and lows, the ups and downs – in a single day. Make certain to take time to experience and enjoy those around you, the connections.

This is the time for which you – as a soul – have waited. At this time on Earth, there is more to explore, to experience than ever before. It is as you desired it to be. Yet, it can all sometimes be a distraction. While it is true that you went there to explore and experience – not only all the Earthly plane has to offer, but YOU as an individuation of “Source”. While a large part of the human experience is to experience what it has to offer, the biggest part – that which you all looked forward to most – is to experience your Self.

So often it seems that many of you fall victim to being that which you believe others desire or expect you to be. The real truth of the matter, though, is that you can and ARE anything YOU desire to be. (Again, there is the “be” aspect. It is SO important to your experience and purpose for being “there”.)

One of the biggest challenges you face is the experience of separateness.

While it is true that separateness IS an “illusion” of the human experience, part of that experience is learning to be separate and whole – unto yourSelf.

How often do you behave in the manner you behave because you feel it is “expected of you”? How many of you are engaged in professions because it was expected of you? How many of the “responsibilities” that you place upon your “shoulders” are truly yours? How many of them are actually ones that you embody because (again) it is “expected of you”?

Again, we ask “what would you do, be, or have, if you could do, be or have anything? If anything was possible? And it IS possible! If you can imagine it… It IS possible for you. The very fact that you ARE able to imagine it means that it already exists somewhere within you – you simply are not experiencing it at this moment in time.

So, at this time when light and magic is seemingly more “available” to you, at this time when hope and a “new start”, a “new beginning” seems to be closer at hand, we ask you to ponder upon these things more carefully than ever before. Then, make the choice to step fully into the energy of what you most desire for YOUR experience.

Not the experience of others, but YOURS.

Be true to YOU, your spirit and your Purpose for being “there” at this point in time.

Let go from your being the weight of others’ expectations. When you do something, do it – not because you feel you “have to” but because it is what you feel to be right for you, right down to the very depths of your being. And when you do it, do it with full consciousness of the experience. “Savor it”, if you will. Truly experience the grandness of being.

As always you have our love, dear ones, and we honor you for your courage and grandness of vision. Be well.

~Channeled through Dawna Kreis, 12/9/19

It is my sincere hope that you gained some value from this, my dear friend.

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Until next time, dear friend, my love to you and yours!

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