Here we are… Holiday Season 2019. Can you believe it??? Where did the year go??? Into the past…

Most recently, I was reading the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi (NOT an affiliate link) when I came across a very unique – at least to me – idea.

Now, I’ve heard many times that we “create our reality” and to “act as if” what I desire is already mine. (I’m sharing a video about just that below.)

I’ve even heard if I’m able to “imagine it”, it “already exists”. Otherwise, I would not be able to imagine it.

But, this idea goes beyond that…

Now, remember that thought takes time to manifest into the physical, depending on the subject matter. So what are you looking at when you use your eyes to see things? What are your eyes seeing? If you are the cause of all you see and thought takes you time to manifest, you are obviously looking at yourself at various stages of your ‘past.’ Read through that again.

David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money, Expanded Study Edition


He says a good deal more on the subject, but summarizes the notion by saying:

“The way to use this world you see with your eyes is to see it as your past and actively and deliberately use it to observe your Self and see what to change and how to grow.”

David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money, Expanded Study Edition

He believes by looking at our Now in such a way we can “design” our own “growth” by creating the next version of our Self.

I don’t know about you, but this has given me a good deal to think about because – to me – it makes a good deal of sense. It also reassures me in the challenging moments that aren’t “in alignment” with what I do desire that it’s “on its way”. The “old stuff” – the old thoughts and ways of being – just needs to finish “working itself out of the queue”.

Definitely something to keep in mind whether we’re trying to “happily” manifest a “pocket full of money” or whatever dream we have on our Heart.

What do you think? Does this give you a whole new perspective as it has for me? I would love it if you shared your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well!

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