Growing Community

Jan 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Originally posted on Patreon

I have maintained a blog for many years now, and my official one can be found at, but it has been some time since I’ve felt as though I had the freedom to truly express my deepest thoughts and feelings. This New Year, though, I’ve returned to LiveJournal.

Back in the “old days”, when I was just beginning to find my writing voice, I frequented the space a great deal. At the time, I played in a number of written role-playing games, which were – essentially – co-created stories with each participant telling the story from the viewpoint of their chosen character. My favorite fandom was the Harry Potter Universe. A world of magic where anything was possible!

After a while, I branched out and, eventually, I started blogging. But I have missed the community aspects of keeping an e-diary/blog on LiveJournal.

If you desire more of a community setting in the spirit of sharing and growing, please feel free to join me at the Hearth


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