Happy Monday morning to you!

We’re back at it here with the first full week of the New Year ahead of us.

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On to the messages for this morning and this week…

Monday Message

This morning’s message popped out of my mouth as I was taking my youngest daughter to school.”Be gentle with yourself and others today.”Really? That’s a pretty obvious one, I know. At least to me.

As I said, this is the first full week of 2020. The kids and teachers are just going back to school after a couple of weeks off. We’re out of our routines and having to get back into the swing of things. It can a bit off-putting, leaving many of us to feel as though we’re being pushed to and fro.

Be gentle with yourself and others as we begin to form new routines and re-establish those that will continue to serve us.

Thriving as an Empath

This weekend I purchased and started going through the book Thriving as an Empath by Dr Judith Orloff. Over the years, I’ve grown enough in myself and as an empath that I do see the gift that it is, but I’m always on the look-out for new tips and strategies to keep going in my development as an empath.

This particular book is a datebook. Each day, she shares a thought and an affirmation. January 6th deals with staying in the present moment, being mindful, which goes right along with this morning’s message of being gentle.

When we’re in the present moment, we are able to act rather than react to our experiences. We can choose our response.

How do we stay in the moment, though?

By focusing on and being aware of our senses. The sights, sounds, and smells as we experience them as well as the beauty that exists all around us in any given moment.

And when we stray from the present moment, we can come back to it by refocusing on the rhythm of our breath.

This Week’s Message

The Koala

I watched Michelle Patterson’s weekly message this morning, and it is interesting that this card should come up because one of the cards she drew was Decision.

But this card asks us to take our time on making our decisions. Do not allow ourselves to be pushed into rushing to make one by fear or circumstances. However, we don’t want to get so wrapped up in the decision-making process that we overanalyze it or get stuck in a place of overwhelm — analysis paralysis. Slowing down and being mindful, we’re able to gain a great deal of insight and guidance by connecting with our own personal spiritual team.

We ALL have one! We just have to slow down enough to hear it, and that’s where meditation (as this card suggests) comes in.

11 — Strength

This, I feel, brings us back to today’s message. Many of us are raised to believe that being aggressive is a show of strength. It demonstrates our power, showing that we’re “strong”. In truth, it takes more strength to be gentle and compassionate in many situations. It takes self-mastery (mastering one’s self) to slow down and be mindful in our interactions, rather than depending on knee jerk (with the word ‘jerk’ emphasized) reactions.

This card is asking us to realize that we have “tremendous personal power and courage”, more than we know or can even comprehend. We can master ourselves by being “gentle with ourselves and others”.

10 — The Wheel

Looking back on this card, I truly have to smile. See, moments after I initially drew the card, I received a call from my eldest daughter. She was in tears, but after several moments, I realized they were actually tears of JOY!

I tell you this because her story is in PERFECT alignment with this card.

Several months ago, she took the entrance exams to start the LPN program at Missouri State University. Given the number of people applying, she did well enough to be placed on the waitlist. She viewed this as yet another roadblock (along with ALL the other roadblocks she’d already experienced) on her path to making a better life for herself and her family.

I kept telling her to “hold on” and “keep going”. (Messages that I, myself, have been receiving for many months now.) “This next year, 2020, you will experience forward motion. Just hang on.”Little did either of us know that it would occur so soon into the New Year, though!

This morning, she received a call that there had been a cancellation and she could start the LPN program TODAY!

She was SO HAPPY that she couldn’t stop crying.

I feel this card brought this very message, not only to her, but to any of us who have felt as though we’ve been treading water for such a long time now.KEEP GOING! Forward motion and progress WILL be yours VERY soon! Just HANG IN THERE!

I don’t know about you, but that is DEFINITELY a message I can get behind!

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well!

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