My couch is my “office” today.

I awoke feeling “spinny” this morning. My equilibrium is off, and it feels as though the world is spinning slightly. The first sign that I’ve overdone it.

As long as I stay on the couch, I should be fine. It shouldn’t get worse, which for me is major spinning, even while lying down. This is — more times than not — accompanied by nausea, and when it happens, the best thing I can do for myself is sleep. So, it’s good that I’m catching it early.

It’s interesting, though… Early this morning, I had a dream of turkeys in our gardens that were slightly but visibly neglected.

I am feeling as though the gardens represent my inner garden, which hasn’t been tended to as thoroughly as my “outer” ones.

In the physical, “muggle” realm, between work, family, and hobbies, I’ve been pretty busy. While that is not to say I’ve completely neglected my Self on a spiritual level, I’m not doing as much of the Work as I know I “ought” to be doing.

So, yes, my “Inner Garden” has been slightly neglected.

And the turkeys?

Well, there were three pairs which I believe were nesting. One of them was an states:

“When you have a turkey dream, it may signify an abundant increase in business.”

While Elena Harris of says:

“The Turkey is a spirit animal closely associated with honoring nature and the Earth. Symbol of abundance, this totem animal encourages us to honor our sources of nourishment, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual.”

I found it interesting that one of the turkeys was an albino. has this to say about albino animals:

“The Albino was protected by most Native American customs.”

“Among all tribes, the Albino animal had spirit connections, one of the strongest among the Plains tribe was the White Buffalo, a definite omen of great wisdom. The symbolic significance behind white or the quality of “whiteness” was not associated with purity as in Western culture but also wisdom and ancient knowledge of greater conceptual and spiritual magnitude.”

With regard to my dream, I believe this seems to indicate that, yes, I have been rather neglectful of my “Inner Garden”. There is much spiritual abundance being nurtured there. (The turkeys were bedded down. Perhaps keeping eggs warm.)In addition, there were “peanut vines” in the garden which were thriving.

Now, I’ve never grown peanuts, but I don’t believe they grow on vines, rather bushes, but… hey! It was a dream. Things don’t always make sense in them. has this to say about the symbolism of peanuts in dreams:

“Peanuts in your dream symbolize some form of truth or core about issues at hand. It is the fruit and essence of an upcoming obstacle or problem. You will both be challenged and rewarded for your labor.”

Truths are at hand.

Yes, that resonates with me.

But the whole idea of being “neglectful” of my “inner garden”… In addition to the fact that I awoke feeling spinny…Yes, I would say that I’ve definitely overdone it, and the Universe/Spirit/God(dess) is trying to clearly get that point across to me.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well!

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