I have heard this year will be a year of great possibilities, but one in which we will heal and grow. With growing comes lessons AND growing pains, both of which I experienced most recently.

A couple of very important lessons I’ve learned…

1) I really DO create things a great deal quicker than I first realized.

2) There are a great many possibilities available to me (and to you), and I only need to choose the one or ones I desire to experience in order to do so.

(In addition to learning Universal lessons, I also learned the error of my past ways was. A BIG lesson I have certainly taken to heart.)

Lesson One

It often seems to me as though the things that I desire to manifest in my life do so rather slowly. Recently, I discovered just how quickly things CAN occur, though.

One afternoon, I felt in a funk. I grouchy and irritable, and this feeling continued until I finally decided to call an end to the day and headed to bed.

Granted, I made a show of doing my best to pull myself out of the funk.

I say it that way because – as I look back on it – I didn’t try that hard. I was grumpy, and whether consciously or unconsciously, I made the decision to stay in it. This despite the fact that I DO have tools at my disposal to flip it around.

Now, I will not go into great detail about what occurred next. Suffice to say that by morning, my world was seemingly turned on end.

Everything prior to that was in a positive flow but within a matter of hours that all changed.

Dimension “Hopping”

It is said that we are “dimensional travelers”. That is, whether we are aware of it or not, we travel between the various dimensions.

How do we do this?

It is, now, my belief that we do this through our personal vibration.

How do we know what frequency we are vibrating at?

By being aware of our feelings and emotions.

What do I believe happened with this?

I wholeheartedly believe, through my in-funkness, I popped into or attracted to me a reality where my mistakes and oversights were highlighted and front and center. In other words, smacking me up alongside the head. (Which I must admit, I needed.)

The good thing I realized was I could use the same approach moving forward, and choose for myself a better feeling reality, which brings me to my second lesson.

Lesson Two

The Universe we live in isn’t as straight forward as we humans believe it to be. We experience time as linear. In truth, it really isn’t.

We experience one reality at a time, but it is not the only one I believe that is available to us.

There is a belief that with every decision we make, a new “timeline” or reality is created. But the reality we experience is based upon the decision we made. Yet, there is a version of us that made the other decision. Think of all the decisions you’ve already made in this lifetime! That’s a WHOLE LOT of realities in existence. Now, multiply that by the number of people that have lived and currently live on the planet Earth. 

How do we decide which reality we experience?

Well, think of it this way… How are new realities created? By making a choice or decision… So it would stand to reason that by making a choice or deciding to experience a particular reality, THAT is how it is experienced.

The thing that we forget while living this human experience is that anything is possible. Because we are taught and told that things function in a certain manner.

A Human Sponge

I love to learn.

I am something of a human sponge when it comes to knowledge regarding things I find interesting. Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine told me that knowledge often limits us and decreases our possibilities. Those are my words, not hers, but the gist of what she was getting at.

For instance, I find Numerology fascinating. I know what Universal Year we’re in as well as my personal Path Number and current Year Number. And it was through a discussion of these things that the conversation with my friend came about. She told me that it was great that I am knowledgable in such things, but believing and choosing to be “in a particular year” limits me. It limits my possibilities.

The same is true about being knowledgable regarding Astrology. While it is true that it is good to know what possibilities are available to us with regard to the energies surrounding us, it can limit our access to other, more beneficial energies. Energies that are more in alignment with what we desire to create.

It, too, limits our awareness of other possibilities.

Remember, time is not linear. ALL THE THINGS exist at the very same time, and we get to choose what we experience at any given time.

It’s along the lines of what my mom used to call “self-fulfilling prophecy”.What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I mention “Mercury Retrograde” or the “Full Moon”? What personal associations do you have with those two things?

Most people would say “chaos” or “a breakdown in the natural flow”.And that’s usually what those who believe this to be true experience during these times.

What it boils down to is the idea of “knowing too much for one’s own good”.

The Year 2020

If you participated in our Step Into the New Energy Summit this month, you may have heard me mention that I’ve heard a lot of different people say different things about the energy accompanying this year. I’ve heard “it’s going to be a challenging year” as well as “it’s going to be a wonderful year of possibility”. Both (and more) are true.

I have said here that this will be a year of possibilities, healing, growth, and lessons. The truth of the matter is, the year 2020 will be whatever we (you AND I) choose it be – consciously or unconsciously.

What will you make this year be for you? The choice IS up to you!

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