Greetings to you, my dear and beloved friend!

Some time has passed since I was last really “active” here. For that, I do apologize, but I was in the process of gaining perspective on what I’m actually doing here.

I do believe I was granted clarity this weekend.

WHY do I blog?

There are those that say it’s a good way to building your audience and business platform.

Maybe that’s what I did it. At least, “for a minute”. But it’s certainly not my reason for coming back around to it.

This weekend, I watched this week’s Angelic Message from Michelle Patterson at Angel Souls. (I’ll also embed it down below for your convenience.)

One of the things I recall her saying which REALLY struck a chord for me was… And I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t remember her exact words. But the gist was… if you’ve been gifted with the ability to spiritually “hear” or heal, your Purpose is to share with others, even if they don’t know you’re doing it.

That was profound for me.

I’ve not had as much of a response to my offerings as I desired. It’s for that reason I’ve been pursuing another career path as of late.

Does that mean I should stop doing what I’ve been doing?

Last week, I was considering that possibility. My ego thought “what’s the point in continuing with what I’ve been doing?”

The. point. is… Those things embody the abilities I’ve been gifted with.

Spirit has guided me to another source of income, so I could release the anxiety I experienced when my passion project wasn’t growing as big or as quickly as I had hoped it would. That does not relieve me of my spiritual “responsibilities, though. is MY website. It can be anything I desire it to be… or nothing it at all.

Given that I’m in a HUGE growing cycle, though, I just feel that I need to share.

My blog(s) has always been rather eclectic, and if you continue to follow me, which I hope you will, you will see it become even more so.

One of the things I’m (still) learning is to weave my spiritual and mundane lives together to create a magical existence.

This weekend I spent a great deal of time with my dear friend and soul sister, Karen Dugan. As a result, I believe I am able to envision what the magical life I seek actually looks like.

THAT is what I intend to share with you.

So, in the future, not only will you see spiritual thoughts/musings and oracle card readings from me, but you will also see some of the skills I’m learning and building as part of my involvement with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).

I do hope you will continue to join me on this winding road of SELF-discovery.

Until next time, my dear and beloved friend, may you and yours be well!