This is a really tough lesson for me.

I have been a perfectionist in the past, and I’m still learning “better”.

For those of you who have an interest in astrology… I’m an Aries sun and a Virgo moon. Essentially, what that boils down to (which I realized this weekend) is I want to learn ALL the things but have a strong desire to be PERFECT at them.

I’m currently in a learning cycle. I am learning SO MANY new things right now and it feels as though I find myself on a perpetual learning curve each and every day.

It’s tough for me! I feel uncomfortable more than I feel comfortable. BUT I’m learning other things in the process too.

I’m learning how to allow myself grace.

I’m learning how to look at my mistakes with an eye for improvement, rather than criticism.

AND I’m learning that my self-worth is NOT dependent upon what I do “right” or “wrong”.I keep moving forward, learning and growing.

In the end, THAT defines me more than whether I make mistakes or not.

These thoughts were spurred by a video I watched on YouTube, which I thought I would share with you.

I hope you find it as profound as I did.

Until next time, my dear friend… May you be well!