If you’ve been following my work for some time now, you will know that my personal gift of intuition expresses itself most strongly through writing, or in other words “automatic writing”. Today has not been any different because I went to journal this morning and my “peeps” (spiritual team) snuck a channeled message about the Coronavirus in on me.

Messages Galore!

I know, I’m one of the hundreds, if not thousands of messengers already giving their “two cents” on the Coronavirus . (Hey! I’m just the messenger.) But it’s likely that there are those who would hear the message I’m conveying that they would not hear from another. We all have our different “audiences”, and I feel this is something that truly needs to be heard at this time.

The Message

“The outside world is a reflection of our inner world.”

Dawna: As of now, my daughter’s school (like SO MANY other schools) has been canceled until the 31st, and I have the distinct feeling that it will continue on through spring break – mid-April.

Please note: This message comes through my own voice, not that of one of my spiritual team members. I was, after all, journaling, but I was told to pass it along.

“Our world… our connection with one another needs healed. Actually, I’m hearing that our world needs healing. It is our connection with one another, the Earth and all her inhabitants that is the ‘medicine’, the ‘ointment’.

“Bringing others ‘together’.

“At this time of ‘social isolation’, we need to come together more than ever.

“We belong to one another. We are more connected than many know or are aware of.

“There are times when we can feel isolated, detached, alone, even when we are surrounded by many ‘others’.

“We are never truly alone, but those are the times when we are disconnected. Disconnected from our Source, our Spirit.

“At this time of ‘social isolation’, we are being asked to reconnect with ourselves (our Spirit), Spirit itself, as well as the spirit of ‘others’.

“It is through true connection… Not the superficial connections that we establish and maintain on a daily basis, but deep, Spirit-driven connection that healing for ourselves, our communities, and as a world comes.

“For many decades, I have known of the ‘clue-by-four’…

“Essentially, Spirit will give us a few warnings [that we’re missing ‘the mark’] before we are ‘hit up alongside the head’ with a ‘clue-by-four’. In other words, an energetic two-by-four.

“This is humanity’s ‘clue-by-four’.

“During this time of ‘social isolation’, we have ‘lost’ one another in order to return to our Self and those closest to us.

“Healing begins with each of us individually healing ourSelf. By healing ourSelf, down to our deepest depths, we heal one another.

What is it that still needs healing within you?


Now is a great time for reading, listening to audios, and videos. To learn and grow. To heal – once and for all and in whatever manner that looks like for you.

Without our health – on all levels – we really don’t have a lot.

In the days to come, I will share all the resources I come across on my FB page. Make sure to like/follow, so you don’t miss any of them.

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well and remember… We ARE all in this together.