Not too long ago, I shared my change in direction toward being more authentically me. That path is continuing as I launch EveryDay Magic 365.

This is a fun little project that occurred to me early this morning and which has spurred a great deal of giddiness in me.

My Definition of ‘Magic’

Magic is everywhere, and it exists in every moment. This is an idea I’ve touted for many years now. We just have to be open to witnessing it and recognize (AND acknowledge) it when it occurs. In addition, it necessary for us to lower our expectations. In fact, we have to get our expectations for it completely out of the way.

It is our Ego that believes magic needs to be BIG and FLASHY.

Rather, everyday magic is sometimes small and subtle. In fact, if we are not consciously looking for it, we just might miss it.

Our biggest challenge as a species when it comes to ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’ is that we’ve become jaded. We’ve become so accustomed to the everyday magic of life that we take it for granted. True ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’ have become ‘commonplace’. So much so that it does take BIG and FLASHY to even be considered ‘magic’ these days.

Our Ancestors

Take a moment, if you will, to look around you. How would our ancestors perceive some of the things that now exist around you in this moment?

One of my favorite movies is Kate and Leopold.

It’s the story of a duke (played by Hugh Jackman) who travels through time from New York 1876 to modern-day (2001) New York. Yes, it’s a Rom-Com because he falls in love with a modern-day woman (played by Meg Ryan). It IS a feel-good movie, which is one of the many reasons I like it. (Gets the oxytocin going. *winks*) But I am also a long-time fan of “fish-out-of-water” stories, and how much further can you get a “fish” out of its “home pond” than to stick them in a completely different time period??

In this scene, Leopold awakens to experience modern technology that we use every day. For us, it’s “old hat”, but imagine if you were coming from the 1800’s… More than likely, you would consider it to be nothing short of ‘magic’!

This is also true of other things we utilize and experience on a daily basis.

  • Electricity and lights
  • Indoor plumbing
  • The computer (as well as the Internet)

I’m a member of “Generation X”. I remember the FIRST video game I EVER played. Atari PONG.

It was SO awesome when we had a version we could play at home!

So, I’ve seen the progress that has been made from that point to being able to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world! And when I really think about it… That IS miraculous.

But when we are faced with these things on a daily, moment-to-moment basis… It rather loses its luster.

We end up taking it for granted.

In addition, we know the “science” behind it. In other words, we can explain the miracle away.

The same is true with planes and flying these days.

To our ancestors, that would have been a miracle. MAGIC! But because many of us have grown up with it being commonplace and we know the science behind it… It’s become “no big deal”, but really??? It IS a VERY big deal!

I suppose, though, it ALL boils down to one question…

Would you rather live in a world where nothing is a miracle OR in a world where EVERYTHING is a miracle?

Imagine if we didn’t have the MIRACLE of gravity… We would just float up into space.

Just because we can explain something with science doesn’t mean that it’s any less miraculous!

EveryDay Magic 365

Beginning Tuesday, March 24th (the New Moon), I am engaging in something I’m calling EveryDay Magic 365 as inspired by the 365 Project.

Not sure what the 365 Project is? [Find out here!]

It’s this GREAT photography challenge I discovered through a friend some years ago. Essentially, you take one picture a day. That’s it!

WHY would a person do this?

Today is March 22nd. Do you remember what you did on this date last year?

THAT is the purpose of the 365 Project. It acts as a photographic journal, so the little moments don’t slip away from memory.

Only, in this version (EveryDay Magic 365), I’m going to focus on the little bits of magic that occur in a normal, “mundane” (ie “Muggle) day.

It’s when we slow down to notice AND take note of these little occurrences that we start to see and experience even more of them.

Join Me!

I would love to have you join me. That is, IF (and ONLY if) you’re open to experiencing more magic and miracles in your life.

If you’re up for the challenge, here’s how:

  1. Go over to the 365 Project website and create your FREE account.
  2. Once you’ve created your account, add me as a friend, and I will add you back. I would LOVE to follow allow in your own magical journey.
  3. Take your first picture on March 24th!

It’s REALLY that simple!

Granted, we could make it more complicated.

For instance…

  • Add a notification to your calendar to remind yourself to take your picture every day.
  • Share your photos with your friends and family on social media throughout the year. Use the #EveryDayMagic365 hashtag when you do. That way, we can all find and connect with one another!
  • Come share your favorite picture(s) for the week on my Facebook Page every Friday. I’ll publish a post just special for them!

But, really? That’s just frosting on the cake.

If we connect on the 365 Project website, we’ll share our journey with one another in all its glory!

I can’t wait!

Until next time, my dear friend, may you always be aware of all the magic that life seeks to share with you!