Self-Isolation: Challenges of Physical Distancing

Mar 25, 2020 | 0 comments

Hello, there! How are you doing with the self-isolation of this Coronavirus deal? It’s quite the challenge we’re faced with, wouldn’t you say?

It IS okay to admit that you’re not doing well with it. Heck! I fully admit I’m having my good moments and some not-so-good moments.

We’re human! And humans crave and thrive with connection. Even those of us who identify as ‘introverts’.

Me? I’m learning more and more that I’m an ‘omni’ or ‘ambivert’. I love my at-home time. In fact, I need it. That’s how I recharge but I love my connection time with friends. Something that has sorely been lacking as of late.

Sure! There are new and exciting things for us to do online. In fact, there are so many, with more and more coming available every day, I find I’m a bit overwhelmed by it.

Still… it doesn’t seem to be enough for me.

Maybe it has something to do with my being an empath. The energetic connection of actually being with people… I know. That’s something of an illusion but it feels better to me than connecting with people through technology.

And Dh is back to work this week, after having taken a week of vacation last week… It’s a bit lonely, I guess.

We Choose Our Experience

I was going through my email yesterday. (I have the time now, why not?) And I came across an email from Mindvalley. The subject line was “Be wary of what you tell yourself while in self-isolation.”

When I opened it, I read “Who’s in control? You or your mind?”

Really? This was a great reminder to me that things, whether situations, people, what-have-you only have the meaning which I give them.

For instance, last night we found out that the schools here in South Carolina are now canceled through the month of April. When I discovered that, I felt my mood take more of a nosedive.

Yes, I love my youngest daughter dearly. (She’s the only one of my children still at home and in school.) And I love spending time with her. She’s a GREAT kid. Funny, witty, creative… The list goes on and on.

BUT I feel better when I have some predictability in my life. (Until I don’t. It’s all very complicated in my head.) And, at this point, very few of us can predict what will happen in the next moment, let alone next week. And next month???

None of us really know when life will get back to “normal” or when we can at least start establishing a new normal for ourselves.

But as I was saying… and as Mindvalley was reminding us through a message from Marisa Peer:

“You make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you.”

It’s really easy to get stuck in your head, especially at times like these. (This is the voice of experience.)

And it’s our thoughts and emotions that really do shape and mold our reality.

Your Turn!

So, what are you telling yourself at this time? What are you creating?

The first step in the process of reclaiming our mind and our experience is to become aware of just that – our thoughts, the things we are telling ourselves.

The next step is to tell ourselves more pleasing things, therefore establishing how we truly desire our experience to unfold.

For me, I’ve been telling myself about self-isolation is that I’m “stuck”, and my Aries blood definitely does not well with that idea. In the past, I have – inwardly – railed against it, eventually conceding to the “reality of things”, and – finally – mourn what I feel I’ve lost. In this case, my freedom.

I can feel myself going in that direction, so what do I intend to do about it?

Change my way of seeing it. Re-create my beliefs about it.

The truth of the matter is, I’m only “stuck” if I believe I am.

I can get out if I choose to get out. If for little more than a drive.

I’ve heard gas prices have reduced drastically. It would cost a great deal less for me to fill the small 10-gallon tank of my car.

In the end, all of this only has the meaning we give it. It is our choice of what that meaning will be.

Until next time, my dear friend, may you be well!

P.S. If you’re looking for a way to chronicle your life during these days of self-isolation, why not join us for the #EveryDayMagic365 Project? [What is it and how do I join?]



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