Full Moon Window and Feeling Off-Kilter

Apr 7, 2020 | 0 comments

I’ve felt off-kilter the past couple of days. There is a good deal going on in the world, especially at the time of this writing, that could cause a person to feel that way. (Self-Isolation can really have an affect on us in ways we had not even considered.) So, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to discover that you are feeling off-kilter, off your center, as well.

Since awaking this morning, I’ve realized that the off-kilterness in me is feeling a tad bit stronger today than yesterday. It is accompanied with a slight case of weepiness, ennui. It was this realization that caused me to research when the next full-moon is… You got it! Tonight. At least here in the States.

I tend to get off-kilter when we first enter the full-moon “window”. Three days prior. Almost like clock work.

As a side note, for those who are new to consciously sensing energy, full-moon energy is not only felt on the day/night of the event. Rather it can be felt for an entire week. Usually three days before and three days after, and the energy before is different than the energy after. That’s a post for another time, though.

When I realized that the full-moon is tonight, I went in search of astral insights. I wanted to know what sort of energy is accompanying it. That’s when I turned to a resource that I haven’t turned to in quite some time. To be honest, I’d almost forgotten about it!

Mystic Mamma

I discovered Mystic Mamma long ago but had admittedly lost track of her over the most recent years. She just isn’t “in my face” like many other sources these days. But what I found on her site was very much on track with what I’m feeling, as was always the case.

From the Mystic Mama website, FULL MOON in Libra April 7th / 8th 2020~: (Please click the link to read her post in its entirety. It’s well worth your time!)

Libra is the archetypal representation of sacred balance and right-relation to all things. She understands on a visceral level, that we are continually in intimate relationship with all things in our lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

She teaches us that by finding the middle way, we can learn to harmonize what is out of balance, so that we can become a bridge across worlds, both horizontally in this world across perspectives, and vertically between the worlds seen and unseen.

It is through grounding into our very own earthly bodies, through bringing our Soul into alignment (acceptance) with our experience that we can feel our connection to our center at the heart of the Earth.

All living things thrive from attention, love and acknowledgement. Plants, animal, people, even non-living things, respond to reciprocity.

Libra reminds us about the sacred balance of reciprocity, of give and take, and the equal exchange that is an essential part of the natural law that keeps all things in flow.

My Own Reflection

All of this truly reflected what I had written in my journal only moments prior. I had mentally set the intention to take the day more slowly than the days most recently passed. I would spend time to engage in activities that would ground me and, at the same time feed my spirit.

What it all boiled down to was consciously having compassion for myself. Love myself a little more than I have been lately.

With all this time on my hands? Why not? What would it hurt?

Granted, I do have a little more on my plate these days.

Making sure that my youngest daughter gets her school work done. (My other two children are grown and already on their own.) As well as cleaning up more often since we are home more often as of late.

Tonight is also a good time to put my crystal friends out to soak up the full moon’s energy.

I do hope, if you’re feeling even a fraction of what I’m feeling today, that this has helped you in some small way.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well and feel grounded in all that you are!


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