In my post Self-Isolation: Challenges of Physical Distancing, I spoke about becoming more mindful of the thoughts that are going through our head at this time, which can cause use mental suffering. This time, I thought I would offer some suggestions for activities one could do to thrive, rather than merely survive, while in isolation.

It’s difficult. I get it!

One of the most difficult challenges some of us experience is facing our Inner Self, our Shadow self, which often can run amok at trying times.

Dr. Wayne Dyer likened it to an orange. When you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice. Why? Because that’s what’s on the inside.

You wouldn’t have apple juice coming out of it, right? Because it’s an orange.

The same is true for us. What comes out when we are put under pressure or “squeezed”? Anger? Hate? Tears? Love? It really just depends on what’s inside us as an individual. That is what will come out.

Often, though, it’s our Shadow self that comes out. Those parts of us that we deny exist, that we’ve hidden away from others, as well as ourselves.

Despite the fact that those aspects are tucked away, we innately (on an intuitive level) know they are there. More times than not, we fear it, and that might be the reason why so many of us keep ourselves so busy with this or that activity. If we’re too busy focusing on the outside, we have absolutely no time to focus inwardly. A fact that many of us prefer.

An Opportunity to Heal

It is my belief everything that occurs in our universe has greater purpose behind it than we first perceive. This pandemic is no exception.

What purpose could it possibly have, you may ask?

This a time for healing.

Not only for Humanity and the Earth…

Have you come across all the wonderful stories going around about how the Earth is healing?? The Himalayas are able to be seen for the first time since WWII! Dolphins are swimming into the channels of Venice, and Los Angeles has had clear skies! As a Californian born and raised, I have to tell you, that’s a miracle in and of itself!

This is also an opportunity for us to heal as individuals.

Faced With OurSelves

Some of us have more time on our hands, faced with little more than ourSelves than we’ve had in a very long time. As a result, our need for healing is given more of an opportunity to present itself – front and center.

One of the most prevalent ways it will do this is through our dreams.

I say this as a voice of experience. Yesterday morning, I had a need for healing smack me up alongside the head through a dream.

Yes, there are still things I, admittedly, need to address in my own being.

This journey, once we embark upon it, is never-ending and, likely, continues until our death. As long as we’re healing and learning, we’re growing. Once we stop growing, I believe, we stop truly living.

In other words, we die. If not physically, then certainly emotionally and spiritually.

How To Thrive

But I digress… I promised you suggestions for thriving at this time, right?

These are just suggestions from my own guidance and experience. They may be different for you, but I offer them in the event they will be of assistance to you. In the end, you need to follow your own intuition and guidance of what is right for you, and you alone.

Turn Off the News

This might feel counter-intuitive.

Our ego – that part of us whose job it is to keep us safe – needs to know what is going on. It needs to feel informed, so it can keep us safe. However, the job of the media – beyond keeping us informed – is to capture the attention of as many people as possible (ie ratings).

I remember “back when” news was aired nightly. With the exception of special reports. I also remember when it switched to 24/7 with the Gulf War.

There is a difference between being well-informed and consuming the news of the moment.

I stopped watching the news when Dh was deployed to Iraq.

At first, I continued to watch it but soon realized that it was only contributing to my anxiety and depression. So, I stopped and haven’t turned back since.

Does this mean that I’m not “well-informed”?

There are those who may believe so because I don’t know every intricacy or nuance about a current event. I know what I need to know, when I need to know it, and that is enough for me.

Rather than consuming the news of the hour, consider looking for media which will uplift your spirit.

Watch an Uplifting Movie or Program

Dh and I have been re-watching movies from our “younger days”. We watched Excalibur the other night. (It’s the only one that’s currently coming to mind.) Of course, it’s not uplifting but – still – it was pretty funny to look back at a movie that used to be at the height of technology at the time.

There are SO many movies available at this time… Consider watching some funny movies. After all, laughter IS the best medicine.

In addition, though, I also suggest being aware how watching a particular movie or program makes you feel.

Does it darken your mood or lighten it?

We want to go for LIGHT here.

I say this because I started catching up on Outlander yesterday…

I left off on Season 3, so I thought I would catch up before the new season starts. After watching several episodes (Season 4), though, I realized that it was not lightening my mood. If anything, it was darkening it more. That’s when I decided to leave it for another time.

Other Uplifting Media

I’ve taken to listening to e-books lately. One of my current favorites is Wayne Dyer’s Ultimate Library. I like to turn it on and listen to it while I knit.

I also enjoy listening to Abraham NOW!

Esther Hicks is channeling Abraham three times a week right now in answer to so many of their workshops being postponed. Everyone who had a ticket to one has been given access to these virtual mini-workshops. (My friend, Karen, and I were scheduled to attend the one at the end of this month in Atlanta.)

You-Tube is also a great source for uplifting material. Most of which I share on my Facebook page as I come across them.

The Healing Power of Nature

Get outside!

I don’t know what your current situation is exactly, but we’re still able to get out for exercise.

Taking a walk is a GREAT way to ground. Not always welcome when you live in areas that are beginning to heat up. (It’s been in the mid to high 80’s here the past couple of days.) But always nice and grounding, especially when it’s temperate.

If you’re not able to get out beyond your property, consider getting out in the backyard or even your patio, if you have one.

Get Your Hands In Dirt

That’s extremely grounding. Even if you’re only able to pot a plant… It’s definitely something!

(Side note: I did see some schools are having their students start flowers and other plants at home which they’ll put into a garden once they’re back to school. I thought that was a GREAT idea!)

Open Your Windows

That is, if you’re able to!

We’ve been doing this quite a bit lately. At least when the temperatures are conducive to it.

It makes such a BIG difference in the energy of the house. Even Dh noticed a BIG difference recently.

Learn Something New/Hobby

Now is REALLY a good time for this! SO MANY people and organizations are coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, to offer entertainment as well as knowledge.

Do a Google search on something you might like to learn! I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s teaching that very thing!

I did see the other day that Udemy is offering some free courses too!


I know. I know. Every teacher and/or guru touts the benefits of meditation. So much so that one can get tired of hearing it. I know because I’ve been right in that place.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I embarked on establishing a consistent meditation practice, again.

I’ve started “establishing a meditation practice” SO MANY times over the past two or so decades. I’ve even made it beyond the 21 Day threshold, and it has yet to “stick”.

I get bored easily.

It’s true! I’ll admit it.

But, I’m coming back around because I do recognize the benefits when I’m actually doing it consistently.

One tool that has been helpful for me – this time and in times passed – is the Insight Timer app. It’s mostly free. There are some things you can only get to, if you’re a paid member. But there is SO MUCH you can still get to, if you’re not.

David Ji is one of my favorite teachers on there. Most of the guided meditations I do in the morning are from him.

I like his format!

He does a beginning portion that is guided, then will give you a mantra to repeat during, otherwise silent, meditation.

That just works for me!

So, there you go!

This is not – by any means – an exhaustive list of suggestions. I know there are SO MANY other things one can do to achieve success and thrive during this time. These are just the ones that occurred to me while writing this post. I’m certain more will come to me after I publish this. (Isn’t that always the way of it??) But I promise to share them once they do occur to me on the Hearth of the Mental Mystic Facebook page. Why not pop over there and “like” it? That way you don’t miss a thing!

We are in this together, my dear friend. I’m here to help in the ways I’m guided to…

OH! That also reminds me!

My friend, Karen Dugan (of Spirit of the Sands) and I are collaborating together under the name “Sisters On the Sand“. This Saturday we’re hosting a “chat-fest” on Zoom at 3pm (Eastern).

We call it “chat-fest” because we’re really not certain what we’ll get up to.

It is our intention to do readings and healing, but we really don’t know with any amount of certainty what the session will become because Spirit (our Intuitions) will guide us in the process.

I do hope you will join us, though!

Visit our Sisters On the Sand Facebook page (or even the Hearth FB page) for all the details.

Until next time, my dear friend, may you thrive (and not just survive) today and all your days to come.