This week, I have the pleasure and privilege to share with you, Rev. Diannia Baty (better known as “Lady D”). She is one of my teachers and mentors and the lady that I consider to be my Spiritual “Mama”. She has helped and taught me SO MUCH over the years.

She is an artist, teacher, speaker, and psychic medium. She is a published author of the book Spirit Letters: a collection of letters she wrote to God and the messages and guidance she received as a result. As a spiritual life coach, she works with “people from all walks of life, who want knowledge and understanding of self, the universe, and God in a powerful way”.

She can be found on her personal profile on Facebook – Rev. Diannia Baty. I highly recommend it as she is on it nearly every day sharing wisdom and inspiration with her followers.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Mama D and I discussed the Schumann Resonance. Since then, I did a bit of research to further add to what I already knew. I thought I would share with you!

In addition, we spoke about Sound Healing and Vibration. Here is a link to my friend, Karina Maselli’s Facebook business page, Holistic Frequency Therapies. She is a Sound Healing Practitioner and really knowledgeable about this stuff!

If you’d like to learn more about sound healing, here is a link to Tony Nec’s Sound Healing Academy. Here’s a link to the Sound Academy’s YouTube Channel.

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