A Happy Friday to you, my dear friend! I hope this finds you and yours well.

Here we are! Episode 4 of the newly rebooted podcast. Difficult to believe!

Change In Scheduling

There is going to be a change in scheduling, though.

I’ve been doing a new episode every week (just like I did with The Pause). I do believe it has been my enthusiasm for the project and an in-flow of new guests that drove me to it. Given everything else that I’m doing (Currently: Alignment IS Magic and the upcoming Journey through Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching), it’s going to get to be too much. I don’t want to burn myself out. It’s for that reason I’m going to start releasing a new podcast episode every other week.

We’ll see if that works better scheduling-wise.

My Guest: Alania Starhawk

In this episode, my guest is a long-time online friend of mine, Alania Starhawk of AlaniaStarhawk.com

As a Divine Channel, Alania lovingly connects YOU to your Angels and Guardians, your own higherSelf, and your wise and ancient Truth!! While working within the Akashic Field of Light and the higher dimensions of Divine Consciousness, she gently channels through the messages of Love, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads that bring support to your earth journey and your soul’s expansion. She passionately assists you to break down all walls of limitation, reprogram old and outdated belief systems, and awaken the infinite Truth and Beauty that is most naturally YOU!! 💛

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This chat was one that Alania and I had back at the beginning of January of this year. Long before Covid-19 became a global pandemic, turning our world and lives upside down.

I didn’t end up editing out many bits of our conversation. I truly believe the wisdom Alania shared with us then is still just as relevant now.

Some of the information regarding her events is, of course, out-dated, but you can still check out the Sacred Events tab on her website to see what events she has coming up. In addition, you can subscribe for her newsletter to stay-up-to-date with her happenings.

Among the things she mentioned were:

  • 2020 is “a gateway”, a time for a “merging of the worlds” (physical and spiritual).
  • “Is this still me?” is a great questions to ask yourself this year (particularly at this time). This is a time of re-evaluation. (Does this still serve me?) Emotional wounds are demanding to be healed.
  • If you awake feeling less than excited, ask Spirit/God to remind you of “how beautiful this life can be”. Then be open to what presents itself to you throughout the day.


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Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well!

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