Today’s message from GUS (God/Universe/Spirit):

Dear Ones, it has been a most challenging time for your world, and, though, there are areas among you that are “opening up”, the challenge has not fully subsided. It continues in the way you relate with one another.

Please do not allow the lessons that presented themselves to you through this challenge go unlearned, unrecognized.

Many opportunities have been presented to you in the past, but nothing like this has come before. At least in the memory of those who are still living among you. While each of your nations has experienced challenges in its time and in more recent history, this challenge you are continuing to face is on a much larger scale. You know this because your technologies have brought you together, world wide, to fce it.

Many of you are “chomping at the bit” to return to “business as usual”. This state of being has come and gone and ought to be no more. For what you, as a whole (humanity), were doing was not working. The virus you call “Corona” was/is merely a symptom of a more serious illness.

Just as your body will experience symptoms when something within is not working properly, so, too, is Humanity experiencing this virus because something within its inner workings was not “right”, not functioning properly.

There is still much to learn here. Learned – about your society, yourselves – and integrated.

These situations, much like other challenges you have faced and will face, are meant to bring you together, not tear you apart. They are meant to “show” you how similar you truly are. You laugh, you love, you bleed, just as others do.

This journey all of you are on is one of connection. You descend into your bodies and become an individual, sieemingly separate from one another. The Journey is one of re-connection and remember, not only remembering who you are, but remembering who the “others” are to you.

Truly, there are no “others”. It is ALL You, the ONE.

Were you to truly know that, KNOW it down to the very fiber of your being, it would be – as you say – a “game changer”.

Would you so readily inure another or berate another or any of the other atrocities – small, medium and large – if you truly knew that “other” was “you” in disguise?

Perhaps, if the “you” you think you are is not worthy of your love or blessings.

If you were to know you as we know you, it would be different for ALL of You.

This time is about healing, really healing. Not merely putting a bandage on the wound and hoping it will eventually and magically go away. Rather, it is about going within to discover what is truly ailing you, the root causing the symptom so that it can be cleansed and healed once and for all.

It is a challenging Journey you embarked on, Dear Ones, but one you knew you could “handle”. Though you might not yet remember who you are, we do, and we have faith in you. ALL of You.

You have our love and support, and we are always here, cheering you on. As you say, “you’ve got this”.

In LOVE and with our Utmost respect…


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