This morning’s message from GUS (God, Universe, Spirit):

Dear Ones, there is such unrest within your world at this time. It is, however, a reflection of the unrest that exists within you at this time.

We have said this so many times in the hope you will understand the truth that lies within our words. The outer world is a reflection of the inner.

We have asked you to go within. In addition, we ask that you consciously connect with all that surrounds you. Really be within yourself, be present. Connect with the natural world around you.

If you live in an urban setting connect with a potted plant, touch the earth within the pot. Connect with a beloved pet. There are innumerable healing properties available to you simply by connecting with the natural world.

Doing so helps to ground you. That is, cause you to be more present in your physical body.

The inhabitants of your world are terribly un-grounded at this time. That is the greatest contributor to the unrest you are experiencing. Un-grounded and disconnected from the Source within, the Source of ALL.

Go within and connect with your Source. It is in the power of each of you to “save” your world, but it is an inside job and not one you can do for another. It must be done on an individual basis and no one can be “forced” to do so. Until this occurs, peace will be difficult to come by.

Take heart, Dear Ones! Though tragedy occurs, it does serve a greater purpose. The souls who “play out” these situations do so voluntarily and for Purpose. That is, they do so to bring about Awareness in others. They do so to highlight where healing is still needed.

Go within. Look inside of yourself and see where a lack of acceptance, resistance to those who are different still exists. It matters not your “flavor” of resistance, that is what traits or behaviors you resist – energetically, it is all the same. You are, after all, energetic beings.

Go higher. Set your sights higher.

Be the peace and acceptance you seek in your world.