This morning I came out of my bedroom to the sound of Mockingbird. It was loud and clear. So much so that I imagined it was on top of the house next door.

It was not too unusual, and I honestly didn’t take much notice of it.

Mockingbird is usually loud and active around here.

It continued on, and it was not until I told DH about coming out to Its song this morning that something occurred to me…

“What is the message of Mockingbird?”

I decided to look it up, and you know what? It was at the precise moment that I looked it up that Mockingbird either moved on or stopped singing. That just tells me that I had finally heard what I needed to hear.

So, what is the message of Mockingbird?

An initial search brings this up from

“The Mockingbird Spirit Animal carries several messages on its wings. Perhaps the most important one is that of finding your voice and the music that inspires your soul. Your “song” has power – the vibration in your words ring out with intent. There is no need to keep this powerful energy within.”

A further search yielded this from

“Mockingbird’s gifts include finding your sacred song, recognizing your innate abilities, using knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside, learning through experience, curiosity, attitude, territoriality, overcoming fear, intelligence, power of song, confidence, master imitator.”

There is a great deal of good information to glean from this article, Mockingbrid Power Animal Symbol of Overcoming Fear.