Monday Morning Messages: New Moon

Jul 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Happy Monday to you, and WELCOME to this NEW MOON ON MONDAY edition of Monday Morning Messages.

This morning, I will do a NEW MOON MANIFESTATION reading instead of the free flow reading I usually do. This is a reading that I usually reserve for members of my groups, including my FREE group. But because today is the New Moon and it IS Monday, I thought I would do it here. (I don’t want to inundate group members with TOO many posts today.)

If you enjoy this and would like to see it and the FULL MOON reading every month, just pop over to the registration page.

Now, onto the show!

The Journey each of us has embarked on – our Return to Wholeness – is not always an easy one. It is one made all the better, though, with the presence of loving, compassionate “others”.

The Purpose of the Hearth has always been to give Mystical Seekers a safe space to explore and expand.

With open arms, we invite you to become a member of our community.


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