While Aligned Living is about living inflow with the energies that surround our lives on a daily basis, that is not the entirety of its scope.

Aligned living is also about learning to balance one’s mind, body, and Spirit so they co-exist in harmony.

If you have been on your spiritual journey for some time, you probably already know that our minds play a HUGE part in the way we experience our physical life.

It’s for this reason that a daily reset of our mind greatly assists us in living a more aligned life.

Not only is it our opportunity to start each day with a clean slate, but it is an opportunity to program our minds with the thoughts that we prefer. Thus, we leave behind those that no longer serve us, while adopting those that help us in creating our “Bigger Picture”.

But how do we accomplish this mental reset?

Recently, I came across a technique called the Mental Rebirth by Dr. Paul Leon Masters. Essentially, one goes into a light meditation and reads a variety of affirmations to one’s self that pertains to the various areas of our lives. Thus tapping into our subconscious mind to reprogram those thoughts that do not serve us.

Based on this technique, I adapted Dr. Masters’ words and created a script for a meditation audio that I’m offering to you for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Use it every morning to rebirth your mind, thus affecting your body and physical experience for greater and more aligned living.

You can visit my Meditations page to get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the Mental Rebirth meditation today!

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well.

Take care, and I will talk with you again soon!