Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I know I did. I spent some muchly needed girl-time with my bestie, which always recharges my Spirit. This weekend, it led to some deep thoughts.

I hope you will join me by the Hearth as I explore them this morning in addition to this week’s reading, of course.


In this episode of Monday Morning Messages, I spoke about creating a character profile for the person you desire to become, then shapeshifting into her/him. Here’s a good post regarding what a character profile is, what it entails and provides a template to get you started.

Remember why you’re doing this… Just like a good writer wants to know everything possible about their characters, you/we want to know everything we possibly can about the person we want to grow/step into.

In addition… this is meant to be FUN! Have fun with it. Growth doesn’t have to be painful. We can experience growth through fun and JOY!

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