I love Autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year. There’s nothing like a comfy night, curled up with my latest yarn (crochet or knit) project with a nice cup of tea (or Irish Coffee). A very “Hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) night.

Unfortunately, despite sensing whispers of Autumn in the air from time time, we’re still experiencing upper 80 degree days here in South Carolina.

Still… this does not deter me. At least not entirely. 

What IS Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish way of living. It focuses on creating a safe, comforting, and warm place while hunkering down on cold, wet evenings.

It “cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.” 1

It’s often associated with warm lighting, candles, and carbs – think pastries, cakes, and pies.

But, as I’m coming to understand it, Hygge is also a mindset.

Hygge As a Mindset

As I sat here feeling into the concept of Hygge, I was inspired by the idea that it is akin to soothing our Inner Child.

Blankets. Soft, warm lighting. Hot drinks like tea or even hot cocoa, and sweet treats. These are centerpieces of the Hygge concept as well as wonderful ways to soothe our Inner Child who has become a bit surly.

But many of these things are not really desirable during the summer or even early Autumn. Still… the soul wants what the soul wants. Even if it’s not terribly practical at the time.

How can we enjoy the benefits – the energy – of the Hygge Lifestyle even when the temperatures are reaching the high 80’s+?

As I understand it, the mindset boils down to relaxing and being kind to ourselves, which is still easily translatable, even to those of us who live in the South.

Hygge When the Temps Are High

Sarah K. Voiles assures us that even if we live in warmer climates or it is the height of Summer, we can still enjoy the Hygge lifestyle.

“Hygge is about enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Taking the time to enjoy the small comforts in a cozy, relaxing, intimate way either by ourselves or in the company of a few friends or family.”2 ~Sarah K. Voiles

Liann at A Lovely Year describes it as “togetherness, simplicity, gratitude, slowing down, and enjoying the moment.”

“Hygge is all about cherishing time with friends, family, and yourself.” 3 ~Liann, A Lovely Year

She goes on to say that Hygge should be enjoyed year round and that the Danes even have words to describe the different ways of Hygg-ing during the different times of the year:

    • Forårshygge – Spring-hygge
    • Sommerhygge – Summer-hygge
    • Efterårshygge – Autumn-hygge
    • Vinterhygge – Winter-hygge

    “While Hygge may not always be easy to explain, you’ll know it when you feel it. The key is slow down and savor the moment.” ~Liann, A Lovely Year

    15 Ways to Hygge When It’s Hot Out!

    In their posts, Sarah and Liann shared a total of 30 ways we can Hygge even when it’s still warm. Here are my favorites and some of my own:

    • Have a backyard fire and roast marshmallows for S’mores
    • Bring flowers into the house – live or fresh-cut
    • Make ice cream the old fashioned way (If you don’t have a hand-crank ice cream maker, try making it in coffee can!)
    • Make lemonade or sun tea
    • Go on a picnic
    • Go on a road trip
    • Go floating on a river
    • Go camping or rent a cabin
    • Go to the beach
    • Visit a local farmers market
    • Grab some blankets, go outside and stargaze
    • Read a book outside (maybe while lounging in a hammock)
    • Watch the sunset
    • String some lights in your backyard
    • Wherever you are, add some mood music

    Hygge is ALL about relaxing and treating yourself – mind, body, and spirit. What ways can you think to Hygge during the summer?

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