The musings are coming fast and furiously these days. Given our current global climate (ie the pandemic), there is quite a bit to muse about. Such as our place as humans within it, and who could not forget… the fearmongering?

This morning, I came across a post from Miriam at Out an’ About entitled No More Scaremongering.

The fearmongering… That’s something that I’ve been dealing with in my own circles as of late.

Masks… They are truly a subject for contention these days, aren’t they? I truly hadn’t realized the depth and breadth it extends until recently. All of it is really based upon our own individual perceptions.

The greatest problem with those perceptions – as I see it – is that masks are more helpful to some areas than others. The difference is based on population density.

For instance, the area that we currently live in is more dense population-wise than the area in which we used to live.  So, they can get away with not wearing masks. However, if we want to get to some semblance of a “new normal” here… it’s more necessary.

People seem to believe that there is a “one-size-fits-all” scenario with this upon which they base all their judgments. (The same could be said about life in general, but I’ll keep this discussion less generalized.)

Life is not as “black and white” as people try to make it out to be. To get through it successfully, one needs to listen more carefully to the voice of one’s own intuition and less to the incessant voices of those around them, who are quick to judge based upon their own limited perspective.

And we ALL have a limited perspective (unless, of course, we’re tapped into the perspective of Universal Source.)

As they say… “stay in your own lane”. 

Stepping Into Freedom

Miriam tells how a recent comment posed to her – “I’m wondering how to resist control and uphold freedom while flowing. Let me know if you figure it out” – gave inspiration to her own post. As a result, she gave readers many ideas on how to how to step out of the fear at this time and into their own personal freedom.

I’ve listed them here, though, she goes in much more depth in her post. (Definitely worth a read!)

  • Know that we are free
  • Turn off the negativity
  • The most positive position we can hold is a positive one
  • Be mindful of what you give your attention to
  • Pay attention to the little signs
  • Connect with the stillness
  • Know that you matter
  • Find the joys
  • Live each moment with intention

Forming Our Perspectives

One of the biggest things I feel we need to realize when it comes to our perspectives is things – i.e.
 situations, experiences, the words of others – only have the meaning which we, as an individual, give them.

A single image (or meme) could hold an entirely different meaning for two people, who see the same exact image. What one person perceives it to “mean”, could be entirely different for another person.

Why is that?

Because we translate it or give it meaning based upon the filter of our own unique experiences.

So many conflicts – personal and global – could be averted if we stopped assuming we know the intentions or meanings behind another’s words or actions.

You remember the old saying about “assume”, right? It makes an ass out of U and ME.

One other thing I feel we need to realize – to really integrate within our being – is the truth that we are Creator Beings. We create our experience within this human reality, and we do this through our thoughts, beliefs, and words. We have so much more power over our existence than we have ever been led to believe!

It is through our personal choices and actions that we manifest and create positive change within our lives, no matter what is occurring around us.

Why do we not embrace this, though? Why are we taught otherwise?

For starters, I believe the weight of responsibility that comes with this notion can be quite heavy at times. It is, after all, a lot easier to place blame on a force or entity outside of ourselves than to pull up our bootstraps and get to the work of making the changes we would rather see in our lives.

Secondly, the “powers that be” don’t want us to feel we have this kind of power over our lives. After all, it would not fit in with their agenda.

Does this mean that we rise up in anarchy and cause havoc and chaos in the streets?

Not usually.

Intuitively, I feel it looks more like making choices that feel “right” for you. Not based on what Group A or Group B say is right for us. 

To Mask Or Not To Mask, That Is the Question

Back to the example of deciding to wear a mask or not…

It is not a matter of what is “right” or “wrong” based upon popular perception. Rather, it is what right or wrong for you.

This is not a matter for Ego, however.

It does not come from a space of “oh-noes! I have to wear a mask for the common good” or “because the government says I have to” or “because I’m a ‘bad’ person if I don’t”.

Nor does it come from a space of “I have the right to make my own decisions. They can’t tell me what to do. They’re not the boss of me! I’m a lion among sheep.”

One comes from a place of fear. The other comes from a space of stubborn defiance (which really can be another form of fear), and both are fueled by our Ego, our conditioned Human self.

Our little self.

When we are truly in alignment with our Highest Self, our Divine Spiritual Being, there is peace, contentment, a Knowingness of what is truly right for us – as an individual – at any given moment.

So, going back to this debate with the masks. One who stands in their Divine Power may choose to wear a mask in one moment and choose not to wear it in another. It is her/his choice. Not one fueled by fear or defiance, but a Knowing. A knowing of what is in alignment for her/him in any given moment.

And that is the ultimate goal for starting to live a Conscious, Aligned Life.

What a beautiful world this truly could be, if we all – as individuals – learned to stay in our own lane, live our life from within our own Divine Power, and without the need to judge how another goes about living their own.

And with that thought, I leave you with this… A video of one of my favorite songs. Sappy as it may seem, it often brings tears to my eyes when I hear it.

I really like this version by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole.

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Until next time, dear friends, may walk harmoniously in your Knowing and Divind Power, especially during these unstable times!

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