A Happy Autumn Equinox to you!

This is a day of balance. One of two days each year when daylight and darkness are equal.

After today, we begin to move into the dark half of the year.

The nights will become longer and the days shorter.

Mother Earth will begin drawing her energy inward. As a result, the leaves of the trees will begin to turn and they will let go.

We, too, may feel a pull inward, and with this shift we often begin to look at all the ways we’ve grown over the past several months. Our thoughts and attention may become more focused on our inner world.

This is a time of letting go.

What are you being called to let go of? Perhaps in order to achieve balance…

I decided, instead of doing a video recorded reading for you today, I am going to give you an opportunity to use your intuition.

The image below shows three cards.

Take a moment to go within and ask your Inner Being, “which card holds my answer to the question?” “What do I need to know?” “What do I need to let go of?”

In the comments below, please share whether A, B or C is your card.

Which card did you choose?

Here are the messages associated with each card.

Do they resonate with you?

(I’m using The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.)

Card A: Turtle Spirit: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Do you feel hurried? As though you need to get to some point (your goals, perhaps) as quickly as possible? You are being asked to slow down and remember that the journey is not in reaching your goal. It is not the destination that matters most. There is something in the Journey, itself, that Spirit is calling you to experience. Slow down and release your need to get achieve, to acquire. Stop to smell the roses and enjoy all that the journey from point A to point B has to offer you and your Spirit’s development.


Card B: Eagle Spirit: “Spirit has your back.” Do you often feel alone? As if you are treading the water of your physical existence alone? Does it feel as though you are the one that is making it all happen? This is a sure sign that you are not aligned with your Inner Being or Spirit. This journey is not about us. It is about the work of our Spirit, of Universal Source. This card is reminding you of this fact and that Spirit always has your back. It is when we truly embody this idea and connect with and learn to flow with the energy of the Universe, life seemingly becomes more of a “breeze”. Does this mean that – when we reach that point – we no longer experience difficulties or challenges? Most certainly not, but they become easier to experience and take less time to resolve themselves when we move in flow with the Universe rather than against it.


Card C: Ant Spirit: “Time to collaborate.” Do you tend to go at it alone? Do you feel as though “if I don’t do it, it’s not going to get done”? No man is an island. We are here – in this physical existence – to connect, to collaborate with others. You are being asked to take a look at this aspect of yourself. Release whatever it is that holds you back from trusting others to be of assistance to you. Have you been disappointed, let down in the past? It is time to release the belief that all future instances will occur the very same way. Release and clear it completely. Intend it, and then use affirmations to replace the thought with something more positive. We create beliefs by thinking the same thing over and over again, and our beliefs create our experience, our reality. What would you prefer to experience? Focus your attention upon that. Visualize (or feel into, if you’re not a visual person) receiving the support and assistance you most desire.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Koffee Klatch for Wednesday.

Until then, dear friend, may you be well!

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