This morning, I came across a post from Molly McCord on Instagram regarding the energy of today’s Full Moon in Aries.

The question the energy posed was:

“What area in your life are you ready to embody more courage and confidence?”

These are areas that have most likely required healing and self-care this year.

So, how did it pan out?

We were reminded that “God gave us the gift of one another.” We are never alone on this Journey, which – at times – can be so difficult to navigate. “We belong to one another.”

“Our burden is lessened when we work together.”

We are being called to come together as a people, as a GLOBAL community, and to focus on our similarities, rather than our differences.

It WILL take courage and confidence to move in a new, better direction because division – all the ways we are different – has been so deeply ingrained in us.

To receive a more in-depth and detailed version of the message, please watch the video.

Links to Resources Mentioned:

Tannaz @ Forever Conscious

Molly McCord on YouTube

Lee Harris on YouTube 


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I hope you found this helpful!

Until next time, dear friend, may you find your place in the Global Community to grow, expand, and be “revolutionary”. ❤️

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