This morning, we were (once again) reminded that we are not alone in what can feel like trying times to many. Each of us has a spiritual team, which the Krew likened to an NFL coaching staff.

Each member of the team has a “specialty” that reflects areas/aspects of the physical life experience.

For instance, Archangel Michael represents courage, strength, protection. These are aspects that exist in each one of us, even if they are seemingly none existent or weak.

We can call upon him for assistance in nurturing and strengthening these aspects within ourselves.

The same can be said about each of the Archangels as well as other members of our “Spiritual Coaching Staff”.

What is it that you desire to nurture and strengthen within yourself? Within your life?

We’ve got a coach for that! Whatever it is!

Even if you don’t know who specializes in what it is you’re seeking assistance for, Spirit – your Spiritual Team – knows exactly who it is and that Spiritual Being will step forward to assist. Even if YOU don’t know “who” it is!

Just receive it with gratitude and appreciation, knowing that it is already on its way!

To receive a more in-depth and detailed version of the message, please watch the video.

Just a head’s up!

I’m re-launching the By the Hearth Podcast this week.

If you would like to join me on Zoom, Wednesday the 5th, I will be hosting a Q&A session afterward. This is an opportunity for participants to gain further insights and guidance regarding the topic addressed.

Please note: The Q&A session will not be part of the edited version of the podcast, which means one needs to be present to hear what is shared.

Please visit the event page on Facebook for more information.


And if you would like a private reading with me, you can visit the Intuitive Sessions page here on the website for more information or to schedule a session with me.

I hope you found this helpful!

Until next time, dear friend, please remember that your Team is always there to help you and guide you! You must first request the assistance, or they can not give it! ❤️

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