I cannot apologize enough for the quality of this video (or lack thereof). This was the first time I recorded to the Cloud on Zoom. It didn’t go so well. I’m thinking that I will record next week’s podcast on Facebook as a Live. The quality seems to be SO MUCH better.

This week’s message was all about balance, particularly at this time when things just feel SO off-kilter.

Many of us are feeling a heaviness of energy, a slowness. Again, like trodding through molasses. We’re being asked to continue being gentle with ourselves and practice ESC (extreme self-care).

These seem to be frequent messages from the Krew.

If we undertake a “personal improvement” campaign, we were asked to do 20% of what we feel is necessary and to practice it 80% of the time. Little actions practiced consistently are more effective than a lot of actions taken sporadically.

“Lots of little stones are just as effective at blocking the opening of a cave as one big honkin’ boulder.”

Join me for this first episode of the podcast re-launch, and I will take measures to have better quality next week.

I promise!

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