One of the reoccurring messages I’ve been receiving as of late is that we are not alone.

The Angels have really been driving this idea home as of late.

They want us to remember that we are and have never been alone. At some point, we’ve just forgotten.

They, as emissaries of Spirit, are here to be of assistance to us. ESPECIALLY at this time.

They WANT to be of assistance to us!

There is a bit of a snag, though.

Because we have Free Will, we have to actually ask for their assistance.

Without our express permission, they cannot assist us. Unless, of course, it is a dire situation and it’s not our time to go Home yet. Only then can they assist without our asking.

How Do We Ask?

My good friend Courtney Long teaches 5 steps  to activate the Angels’ Assistance:

  • Acknowledge – This step is basically like starting a conversation with a friend. Say hello, then tell them what’s going on in your life.
  • Ask  Ask for what you would like to see happen. You don’t want to beg and plead here. You also don’t want to tell them what you don’t want.There are two things to remember in this process… We create best when we focus on the positives, and this is all about us! The Angels cannot change the circumstances, traits, or behaviors of others on our behalf.
  • Allow – Relax and receive. Think of the times that you’ve visited a restaurant. After you’ve placed your order with your server (ie asked for what you desire), you sit back and relax while you wait for your order to be brought to you, knowing that it will come. The same can be said about receiving assistance from the Angels!
  • Action – Once you ask for assistance, the Angels will provide guidance. It is  your job to act on the guidance you receive. Even if it is something as simple as, “keep going”.
  • Appreciate – “Say thank you and feel grateful for the Angels’ help”. In truth, it is not that the Angels require your appreciation for their assistance. Rather, the energy of the gratitude you feel is an essential part of the process.

To help you remember the process, I’m sharing Courtney’s 5 Steps to Activate the Angels’ Assistance information sheet. With her permission, of course. 😉

I hope you found this to be helpful, dear friend! Until next time, may you find stability with the assistance of the Angels, during unstable times!

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