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This is the first post in a new weekly feature I’m starting: Archangel Spotlight. Each week, I will spotlight a different Archangel, sharing information about that Archangel and how “he/she” can assist us in our everyday life.

Now, I did say “he/she”, but in their true form – like us as Spirits – they are genderless.

Why am I doing this? What is my motivation behind it?

Well, as a global community, we are experiencing some trying times. Add to the widespread challenges, our day-to-day challenges of maintaining our health (on all levels), relationships, and careers… It all has the potential to be one heck of a STRESS BOMB to our life!

About Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Strength, Courage, and Protection.

His specialty is dissolving fear and blocks to love. (Including self-love.) He can assist us to activate our own natural courage and confidence.

His presence is strong and powerful, like a “Warrior of Light.”

His personality is loving and protective, and he can be viewed as a father or brother figure or a bodyguard when we’re most in need of one.

He is also playful, though!

I’ve worked with him for many years now, but it wasn’t until I took Courtney’s Activate Your Confidence With Archangel Michael course that I realized the funny, playful, and even sometimes snarky commentary I would hear from my Spiritual Krew was actually Michael.

His aura color is often seen as royal blue/purple, sometimes with gold sparkles.

We can ask Michael to assist us to feel strong and confident, even at times when we’re experiencing fear, worry, or insecurity.

He can also assist us when we’re going through a transition or change in our life. At times like these, he can help us feel safe, protected, and loved.

More Ways Archangel Michael Can Assist Us

  In these fear-filled times, we need Archangel Michael’s assistance more than ever! Here are some more ways he can help us:
  • Take Steps to Fulfill Our Life Purpose, Share Our Gifts, and Make the Difference We Were Born to Make
  • Raise Our Vibration from Fear to Love; Feel Light, Loving, Loved, Empowered & Free to Be Our REAL SELF.

  • Solve Electrical or Mechanical Issues, Computer Issues, Car Troubles, and Enjoy Safe Travel

  • Get Out of Difficult Situations

  • Laugh, See the Humor in Life and Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously

  • Have Courage During Challenges, Changes, and Life Transitions

Recently, I published the post 5 Steps to Gaining the Assistance of the Archangels, if you’re interested in more information about how we can go about asking for the Archangels assistance. You can get to that post by clicking here.

Would you like to learn more about Archangel Michael and how he can best assist you in your own life?

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I hope you found this to be helpful, dear friend!

Until next time, please remember to call upon Archangel Michael this week for assistance any time you’re feeling anxious. Then Know he’ll be right there to “lend you his strength”. I’ll let you in on a little secret, he’s just assisting you to get in touch with your own inner courage and strength. 😉

Much Love and Many Hugs to You,

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