Today is the New Moon! The energy is ripe with possibility and manifesting our dreams and desires.

I usually do a reading LIVE for the community on the New and Full Moons. I thought I would do something different this time.

Today, we’re going to tap into YOUR intuition!

Our question is:

How can I bring my desires to fruition?

Get quiet and ask the question of yourself before choosing one of the three cards below.

Which one did you choose for yourself?


The Reveal

Card #1 – Seven of Earth

The Angels want you to know that the seeds for your desires and dreams have been planted in  fertile “Earth”. Beneath the surface, they are “doing their thing”. Continue to follow your intuition and “Divine nudges”, nurture them. However, this is a time of inaction. The Angels remind you that a “watched pot never boils”.

In the scenario of manifestation that I often share, you have “placed your order” with the “wait staff”, and things are cookin’ in the Universal kitchen.

Don’t worry. Good things come to those who wait. For now, just sit back, and relax in the Knowing that it is coming.


Card #2 – Knight of Earth – Loyal, Dedicated, Honorable, Kind

The Angels want you to know that it’s time for you to MOVE, “to buckle down and get things done”! Open up and listen. They are giving you insights and guidance. Sometimes, though, life gets entirely too loud and noisy when we’re engaged in daily, “mundane” activities. Take the time to get quiet and listen. The Divine Guidance that awaits you will make the process so much easier.

Of course, they will honor your Free Will, even if you choose to take the difficult path that leads to your dreams and desires. That is, of course, your call, and they will support you as much as you will allow. However, they want to remind you that there is an “easy” path, a journey that is traversed in Divine Flow. This is the path that they wish to guide you upon. Again, if you will allow them to do so. In the end, it is your choice.


Card #3 – Six of Air

The Angels want you to know that the tough times that you have been experiencing are coming to an end. Things are leveling out. They ask you to get quiet and really listen. They are always there for you, offering support as well as messages of insight and guidance.

They want you to know that the path need not be difficult from this point on. They can help! But it must be in alignment with your wishes and the Higher Calling of your Spirit.

What is it you truly desire?

When you muse upon it, how do you view the path to get to it?

Is it one of hardship? Must you “work hard” to “make something happen”?

Or do you envision every step of the way being orchestrated by the Divine Source/Creator so your path is smooth, easy, and pleasurable experience?

If you cannot imagine the latter, then that ultimately will not be your experience.

The Angels want you to remember that within you IS the power of the Creator. As a child of God, you cannot be any different from that which you come.

Would an apple come from an oak tree?

Most certainly not!

So, you cannot be anything BUT a Divine Creator, for it is that from which you come.

You create through your thoughts and your thoughts determine the energy that you put out into the physical world.

Create your experience. The one that you most desire.

Do not accept “what is” to be your truth going forward. What is, is simply what came to be as a result of previous unconscious or non-aligned thought.

Feel in to what you desire. Really feel it, and when you muse on how it might come to you imagine the most pleasant journey possible from Point A to Point B without becoming attached to what it “should” look like. Simply feel what it is you desire the path to feel like.

Did the message you receive resonate with you? I would love it if you shared your own thoughts and insights in the comments below!

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well.

Take care until our paths cross again!

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