Jophiel Angel of Joy, Beauty & Positivity: Archangel Spotlight

Oct 21, 2020 | 0 comments

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Welcome to Week #2 of Archangel Spotlight!

Last week, we featured Archangel Michael.

And because he is so good at clearing negative energy, I thought we would place Archangel Jophiel in this week’s Spotlight.


Because she is the Angel of Joy, Beauty and Positivity, energies that we ALL can probably use more of in our lives at this time.

But, in addition to that, the Universe does not like spaces of vacuum. So, she and Archangel work really well together, I think.

He clears the negative, heavy energy, and she fills the space with light, uplifting energies. 

About Archangel Jophiel

As I already mentioned, Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of Joy, Beauty, and Positivity.

Her energy is uplifting, upbeat, and energizing.

For me, I experience this energy much the same as I do when I connect with my “Inner Teenager”.

As a teen, I loved nothing more than to hang out with my friends on a weekend night and dance!

Archangel Jophiel’s specialty is to raise our vibration.

Vibrational Scale of Consciousness

(E)motions = Energy in Motion

As a result, every emotion vibrates as its own frequency. This is the “Law of Vibration” in action, and it is this law that activates the Law of Attraction.

Below I’ve listed the entire Vibrational Scale of Consciousness which was mapped out by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

On the lowest end of the scale is the vibration of Shame, while Enlightenment is the highest vibration listed.

  • Shame (20): Humiliation, Elimination
  • Guilt (30): Blame, Destruction
  • Apathy (50): Despair, Abdication
  • Grief (75): Regret, Despondency
  • Fear (100): Fear, Withdrawal
  • Desire (125): Craving, Enslavement
  • Anger (150): Hate, Aggression
  • Pride (175): Scorn, Inflation
  • Courage (200): Affirmation, Empowerment
  • Neutrality (250): Trust, Release
  • Willingness (310): Optimism, Intention
  • Acceptance (350): Forgiveness, Transcendence
  • Reason (400): Understanding, Abstraction
  • Love (500): Reverence, Revelation
  • Joy (540): Serenity, Transfiguration
  • Peace (600): Bliss, Illumination
  • Enlightenment (700+): Ineffable, Pure Consciousness

*I found the associated emotions on the North Point Astrology Blog & the chart image from Creating A Place to “Re-member”.

As you can see, being that she is the Angel of Joy, Archangel Jophiel can assist us to raise our vibration to a very high point on the scale versus any of those we may commonly experience on any given day.

Ways that Archangel Jophiel Can Assist Us

She can assist us to:

  • Think positively and manifest what we most desire.
  • Feel energized, happy, light, free and excited about life.
  • Be a beacon of Joy and share joy and inspiration with others.
  • Add beauty to our home, office, or environment. She is sometimes known as the “Feng Shui Angel”.
  • Enjoy and breathe in the beauty of the present moment.
  • Breathe in the Beauty of the Present Moment.
  • Discover our Inner Beauty and Light.
  • Honor our outer beauty, love ourselves, and feel good about who we are and ALL that we do.
  • Reconnect with our childlike sense of wonder, awe, and play (our Inner Child/Teenager)
  • Heal our hearts of past hurts, frustrations, loss, sadness, and any other blocks we may have to experiencing happiness in our lives.
  • Learn to triumph over difficult situations and transform tragedies into personal or spiritual growth or “Gems of Wisdom” we can use to help others.

Would you like to learn more about Archangel Jophiel and how she can best assist you in your own life?

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I hope you found this to be helpful, dear friend!

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Until next time, may you experience Joy in every moment you are love. It truly IS a wonderous Journey! ❤️

Much Love and Many Hugs to You,

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