Given that Archangel Jophiel was in the Spotlight this week, I sat down to receive a message from her.

I shared a bit of it earlier in the week, but I wanted to share the message in its entirety here.

Dear ones, you are so hurried as you live your life, going from here to there, rarely taking in the sights, the beauty, the magic that surrounds you. There is SO much more to life than what many are aware of.

The bee. By your physics, your science, it isn’t even supposed to fly. But it does! Is that not a miracle?

That’s just a small example of the magic, the miracles that surround you on your physical plane.

But, so often, you get wrapped up in the small details that are woven through the physical experience that you have forgotten. You have lost sight of the blessing, the magic of living life in a physical body.

That is what you went there to experience.

There is so much joy to be experienced, to share with others!

I ask you to call upon me, especially in those moments when you need reminding, when you are needing to experience more joy in your life.

It is my honor, MY joy to be of assistance to you.

We all, “here”, know the assignment, the job that you chose for yourself is not an easy one. It is one filled with many challenges.

You knew that would be the case, just as we did, but you made the decision to go, to live the life that you are now living. But we also knew that you would not be alone in the process.

You committed to playing the role that you are now “playing” on Earth, just as we committed to the role that we (the Angels) are “playing”.

We are your support crew. We are here to support you in any way that we are able. It is our honor and our pleasure to do so.

Just as a pilot would not go on a mission without having skilled, knowledgeable individuals to assist in his/her mission, you have US! We are knowledgeable, skilled in more ways than your human mind can imagine! Together, we can assist you in any situation or circumstance that may come your way in life! You only need call on us, and we’ll be right there to assist you.

The Physical Experience can wear heavily on a Spirit. We are well aware of this. We know it is not always easy. But a burden shared is a burden lifted.

We are always here to share your burden, dear one.

No load is too light or too heavy, and you are never “inconveniencing” us.

Please always remember this.

And always remember you are dearly loved.

~Archangel Jophiel through Dawna Kreis

I hope you found this to be helpful, dear friend!

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Until next time, may you experience Joy in every moment you are love. It truly IS a wonderous Journey! ❤️

Much Love and Many Hugs to You,

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