This morning, I’ve been musing on the state of things going on in the States as of late.

Tempers are high. Harsh, negative energies are seemingly at an all-time high.

Egos are rearing their ugly heads. The “Me-First” mentality is running rampant.

It, sometimes, feels as though heart-centeredness is at an all-time low.

The Angels assure me this is not the case. Only that the negative, harsh energies are being “polarized” at this time. That is, it is being pushed into the forefront by our various forms of media.

The majority are caring, mostly grace-filled individuals.

And they also assure me that “the majority is growing day-by-day.”

Why is this?

Because many are experiencing challenges and difficult situations in their lives that are “forcing” them to expand and grow.

Full Message

This morning, I sat down and had a chat with the “Angels of Light” and asked them what they wanted us to know about the challenges that we are currently experiencing.

This is what they had to say…

Dear Ones,

There are many who are concerned about the events taking place in your world. Indeed, the pandemic that humanity is experiencing globally in your right now is of concern, but the reactions of many, not only to the pandemic but other events and occurrences in your world are an even greater concern.

You are encountering a great deal of stress as a result. Each of you is “dealing” with it the best way you know how. Not every reaction is what you would call “graceful” or “grace filled”.

There is a great deal of harsh words and sentiments flying around.

Many have closed their hearts.

Many are in fear. Fear of being taken advantage of. Fear for their finances and their families. Fear for their health. Fear of dying.

Fear is very pervasive on the Earth right now.

It is understandable. Particularly when one is aligned with one’s “small, conditioned self”. Ego. One’s human self.

Each of you is on a Journey, whether you are aware of it or not. A Journey to return to who you really are beyond your physical existence. A return to your Spirit Self.

Many are either not aware of this or are afraid of doing so, for fear of what they might find.

How does one embark fully on this Journey?

Humanity is very much aligned with the masculine energy. The energy of doing, of striving. While this is not a bad thing in and of itself, Humanity is identified with it in an unbalanced manner.

The fluid energy of the Feminine, of receiving, of flowing, of BEing has been drowned out over the millennia. Love and compassion are viewed as “weakness”.

Neither energy is better than the other.

This is something that we wish to stress.

BOTH, in balanced doses, are necessary, if one is to is to return to wholeness in one’s self.

It is the in-balance of energies that are causing the fear, anxiety, and, in many ways, depression/sadness. Particularly when one energetic expression is closed off, denied.

How does one “save the world” from itself?

Know thyself.

Focus on yourself, on your own inner landscapes.

Heal, nurture, expand within yourself.

The outside world is akin to a massive mirror. The reflection of what yet needs addressed or healed within yourself can be seen without.

So, when you encounter another and it leaves you with a feeling of negativity, we suggest reflecting on it. What about that “other” did you find unpleasant? How might that be a hidden aspect within yourself?

The experience of a better world begins with the individual.

We are ever with you, beloved ones.

We are you. We are ONE.

I hope the Angels’ message resonated with you, dear friend.

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Until next time, may you experience love, compassion, and, most of all, HOPE  in every moment. ❤️

Much Love and Many Hugs to You,

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