I ended up canceling our weekly Coffee With the Angels this morning due to challenges here at home. But there IS a message that the Angels wanted me to pass along.

Here are the notes I was going to use this morning…

The Darkness feels very thick at the moment.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when it feels as though it’s closing in.

The Angels are telling us that the choices others are making right now are reflecting their own Inner Shadow.

They say just as a Lighthouse cannot be seen as well during the day as at night, “darkness needs to be present for the light to be seen.” Yet, they also say, “[total] darkness cannot exist when the Light is present.

Things feel very heavy right now.

There are many, even those who are dear to us, who are choosing [consciously or UNconsciously] to reflect their Shadow. They’re doing this through their complaints, jibes, and “general surliness”.

The Angels remind us that everything IS a choice to be made.

We can choose our overall vibration.

We, too, can choose to reflect the Light or the Dark. Even if there is what we would call a reason, an excuse, for what we’re reflecting, it is still a choice made.

It is that much more difficult at times of darkness to choose to BE light. It requires EFFORT on our part to flow against the major vibration, but it is so much more necessary at these times.

They say, “the vibration of light will feel so much better” to us “because it is compatible” with our very own vibration.

They remind us to choose consciously the vibration we desire to hold in any given moment. Everything we experience will stem from that choice.

Now, this is not to say that we have to completely break ties with those who choose to reflect their Shadow. After all, our light is needed even more at times such as these. BUT we are being reminded to refrain from TAKING ON the darkness of others.

We need to protect ourselves (our energy) well and clear, clear, clear.

The choice we are being asked to make is what will we – as an individual – reflect out into the world. Our light or our shadow?

With so much darkness in the world at the moment, what do you feel it needs most?

I’m sending you so much love and healing hugs, my friend.

Until next time, may you BE and FEEL the Light ALL AROUND and IN you! ❤️

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