Angel Wisdom for 16 November through 22 November 2020

A Happy Monday morning to you! I do hope this finds you and yours well. 🥰

I did sit down to record this week’s message this morning. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t flowing and felt SO forced.

The message that was shared with me was about choosing the Path of Love versus choosing the Path of Fear.

Today, I’m choosing the Path of Love – Love for you, but love for myself as well.

It is not my desire to create a video fearing what you might think if I am not “consistent”.

The Angels teach us that things created from the Path of Fear are not fulfilling and short-lived.

It is my desire to create a connection with you that is fulfilling and enduring.

It’s for that reason that I decided to go with a written, “choose your card” version of Angel Wisdom this week.

But more on that in a moment…

Choosing Love or Choosing Fear

As I said, the one thing I did get from the Angels this morning to pass along to you is the message to become Aware of which path you are creating from as you go through your week.

Are you creating from the Path of Love or the Path of Fear?

There are only two paths from which to choose, and there is no “middle ground”.

Love or Fear, BUT we can bounce between the two throughout our waking time.

As I mentioned above, when we create from a space of Love, whatever we create is fulfilling and enduring

However, when we create from Fear, whatever we create is not fulfilling and is short-lived.

Love is in alignment with the essence of our True Being, our Spirit, while Fear is in alignment with our Ego/Conditioned Self.

As you go through your week, the Angels ask you to become more aware of the space from which you are creating and responding your reality.

Love or Fear.

Now, on to the reading for the week…

Choose Your Message

This week, I’m using the Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray.

Feel into the image above and choose which card most resonates with you before moving down to the Reveal.

The Reveal

Card #1: Cut the Cords

The Angels are asking you to become aware of what is “holding you back”? What is it that you are focusing your vital energy on at this time that is not (somehow) re-energizing you in return? (This could be in the form of bringing you joy, love, fun, laughter.)

They are asking you to, now, take a good look at whatever it is and release it. Let it go. It’s not “for” you. Especially, if you are relating to it from a space of obligation and/or fear.

Remember what the Angel said earlier? Nothing created from the space of Fear (that means a sense of obligation, too) can be fulfilling or enduring. 

If you are to be at your best, it is necessary to release what has been and (re-)create it from a new and focused space of Love.

Card #2: Surrender

The Angels are asking, “what is it you’re holding on to that is not in your best interest?”

Is it a situation? A person? A habit, maybe? A way of being?

The Angels are asking you take a close look at your current reality and surrender to them anything that is taking from you more than it is giving, anything that has been forged from a space of Fear.

They ask you to “surrender” it to them in faith, knowing that it will be transmuted. From it, something will be created that is more in alignment with your Highest Good as well as the Highest Good of others involved.

Card #3: Trust the Universe

The Angels remind us that it is our Ego, our Conditioned Self, our “Little Self” that needs to have all the answers. It (as we have been told already) comes from a space of Fear. It has to have all the answers and has to feel as though it is in charge. The truth of the matter is it doesn’t have control over much if anything.

The Angels are asking us to trust in the Universe, in Spirit, to trust in them.

Everything that we need to be healthy and whole are provided for.

We are creators. Each of us has been given the gift of Creation. We do so through our thoughts, our emotions, our focused energy, and anything we seek to manifest from a space of Love will come into being. It will be fulfilling and will endure.

We have (and will have) all that is in our Highest and Best Good.

The Angels ask us to trust that it is so.

I would love it if you shared in the comments below if the meaning of the card you chose resonated with you. 💖

Just a heads up, too… due to family business on Wednesday, I won’t be able to host Coffee With the Angels this week.

I am hoping to be in full form and back in the swing of things next week, though.

Do keep an eye out for more blog posts from me this week as I will continue with those!

I hope you found this to be helpful!

Until next time, dear friend, take care and may you be well. ❤️

Much Love and Many Blessings to You,

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